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How to merge stock from Scottrade and Etrade?

I have some stock on Scottrade and some stock of the same company on Etrade. I would like to move it all in one place, either Etrade or Scottrade so it would be easier for me to manage it. How can I do this?

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    Yes you can move stock from one firm to another, stocks are moved systemically through the common used ACATS (automated customer account transfer system).

    Contact the firm (customer services) you want to receive the stock, they will direct you to the form or send you an ACATS form. There are two types of firms - one for full account transfer, the other for partial account transfer.

    Also they need to know if you are moving an IRA type account

    You will complete the form as directed and submit it to the receiving firm who will take care of the entire process. .

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    Etrade Account Transfer Form

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    You need to fill out an ACAT form (account transfer) with the broker who you want receive the shares of stock. If you only want to move that one stock, not the entire account, you need to check the box for partial transfer and write in the description column exactly what shares you want to transfer from the other broker.

    The receiving broker will then submit the forms to the broker currently holding the shares and handle everything from there. Be aware that most brokerages charge $50 - $150 for an ACAT (even if it's a partial ACAT) so it'll be cheaper to leave the shares where they are until you liquidate them.

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    Each firm will have a form you fill out to move the stock from one firm to the other. I am not certain but one of those firms might charge a fee to do so. The form will be on their web site somewhere. Find it, print it off, fill it out, and send it in. That is all there is to it. If you need help finding the form, call the firm.

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    Contact each company and let them know what you want to do. They will tell you how the stocks can be transferred and what the fees are to transfer the stocks. This should help you decide which company is best to stay with.

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    You can transfer shares from one brokerage to another. Be prepared to pay a fee. Contact the brokerage to ask procedures.

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    yes, it might be true but it depends

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