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Kennedy gave a speech to United States citizens?

warning of a conspiracy to create a one-world government. Is this why he was assassinated? Do you admire JFK and also believe that a one-world government is a good thing?

Update 2:

The Bilderbergs have been holding annual meetings since like 1915.

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    Good question.......I was young when JFK was president. He talked to the people. I would say he was the People's President. Many on the left did not want him screwing up their progress towards secret societies and a NWO. He was killed because he would not go along. he bucked his own system"the Dem's". He was a President that spoke the truth and because of that he had to be taken out.

    No I do not believe in the NWO. I know many see it as a good thing but since we are a Republic we need to keep our sovereignty. We do not need to be the world's keeper.

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    Can you quote or link that speech?

    The one-world conspiracists of the early 1960's were the John Birchers and they were hardly Kennedy supporters.

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    He was assassinated for many reasons, those of which we will never know. I do admire him and no, I don't believe a one-word government would be good.

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    I think it's funny that you think everything is about your little pet theories.

    This speech is decades old. It's not about some silly NWO theory.

    BZZT. The first Bilderberg meeting wasn't until 1954.

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    I apply the adage Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts Absolutely Applies to any so called One world government . It robbers the people of their natural rights .

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    Kennedy never existed and was a fabrication, just like lunar landing

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