Web designing, any ebooks/advice/tips etc?

I need to create a website ending in .co.uk and I don't want it to be a shared/multi domain.

I would like to create my own from scratch.

Any e-books or websites online that will help me understand it more or give me step by step?

I know nothing about web design etc.

I understand that I need to get a Host for it. Aany advice on who would be good. Can I do this with a one off payment rather than paying monthly/yearly?

Thank you in advanced xxx

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    10 years ago
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    I'm unsure of any guides that will give you all the information you need in one place, however I use the following:


    Penguin Internet is a good reliable and relatively cheap provider. The 'Web Presence' hosting package would do you just fine.


    You can search for, buy and register your domain name on the Penguin website. In fact when you got through the process of buying the domain their website will ask you if you'd like to buy and set up hosting for it. Very handy.

    FTP Software

    You'll need FTP software to transfer your website's files from your own computer to your hosting space. Only when it's uploaded to your hosting space is it visible to the wider web. I use FileZilla, which is free and works very well.

    Development Environment

    You'll need to write your web pages somehow, and how depends on how complicated yours are going to be. You need nothing more than Notepad that comes with Windows, but if you're doing anything more complex then an environment such as Expression Web (Microsoft) can be handy. You can download a free trial of that if you need to.

    Beginner's Error

    Avoid wondering why your lovely web page looks great on your computer but won't show up on the web. Do that by calling the first page you want to load on your website 'index'. It can be index.html, index.aspx, index.php etc. Exactly which depends on what you're doing, but it needs to be index or else you wont see it when you type your domain name into the browser. A basic site like yours will use index.html. This is the default for almost all web hosts. It doesn't have to be that way, but you don't want to get into that yet.

    As for payment, you can choose to pay your hosting in one go or yearly. Your domain name is always paid for in yearly, or sometimes bi-yearly chunks. You'll get a reminder near the end of your hosting agreement that you need to renew, or in some cases cancel. Beware of automatic renewal if you only need the site for a short time.

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    10 years ago

    As the person above suggested w3schools is excellent - they're thorough and easy to understand

    You should lean html, css, at least the basics of javascript, and if you need dynamic content then you'll need to learn php/mysql as well.

    You will need a host and a domain registrar. The domain registrar registers your sites name ie mysite.co.uk and the web host as you said hosts the files that the name points to.

    Domain names are typically paid for in yearly increments, web hosting is typically paid for monthly - sites such as host gator offer hosting for as little as about $5/month last check for a single site. You can also get free (usually ad supported hosting sometimes) or even possibly use the hosting that a lot of isp's will provide you with when you pay for an internet connection to avoid paying for space.

    The only way to avoid the monthly fee besides this for hosting would be to host the site yourself which requires a static ip address or alternatively you'd need to use a dynamic dns client to update your dns records and url forwarding on your domain name probably.

    Sorry if this sounds complicated sorry if it's confusing but it's hard to give a complete accurate answer without being as detailed. Once you get into it i'm sure you'll be fine :)

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    10 years ago

    Use Ultimate Web Builder - http://www.redesigns.org/web-builder

    You can build your website with it easily, no experience necessary. You can buy your web hosting there too and get free installation of the software/updates. Web hosting is a monthly/yearly payment.

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    if i were you i would sign up for a website/blog using wordpress.com this will let you easily customise your website without knowing a lot about html codes and meta tags then once your happy with the site you've designed you can upgrade your wordpress site with their domain option and you can purchase a .com or .co.uk ending :)

    have a look at my website im currently building it and wordpress is hosting it for me for now and its all to do with eBooks so that can give you some tips on what you can do with your eBooks!


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  • 10 years ago

    The best way is:

    Buy a domain name - couple of quid.

    Build the site offline using a free text editor.

    Buy some hosting - couple of quid a month.

    Download filezilla - a free ftp client.

    Upload your site using filezilla.

    I found http://www.freewebtutorial.co.uk about the easiest guide.

  • 10 years ago

    "united hosting" is very good to me.

    http://www.steviedjohn.com/mycv/index.php . Ask me directly from here if further assistance needed

    use "dynamic drive " for templates

    File transfer protocol use core lite....download free.

    w3schools well recommend

    use browershots.org...screen shots in different browsers and platforms

  • 10 years ago

    as a starting point i would visit w3schools.com they have free online service which is actually pretty good!

    they also certify for when you're ready

    Source(s): w3schools.com
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