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【英文】中翻英 - 新年賀卡


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    Dear Snowpig您好^ - ^

    也讓本Panda來幫您ㄅ; 如下:


    Now that the Year 2011 has arrived, on behalf of the entire staff of the XX-Tech LLC (Limited Liability Company的簡稱), we would like to express our gratitude for all your support in the past year, and may all your dreams come true for the Year of Tiger. Our office will be closed for vacation from Jan. 29th till Feb. 7th. Wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year in advance and may all of you have an eventful holiday!

    我將 "並於2/8開始上班"拿掉因為有點多餘

    On behalf of the entire staff = 代表全體員工

    gratitude = 感謝

    Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) =農曆新年(中國年)

    eventful = 精彩




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    haha rjamesho大師說的對^ - ^

    我完全照翻= - ='''

    兔年 = Year of the Bunny/Year of the Rabbit/Year of the Hare

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    Snowpic: 2011年是兔年耶!

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    In 2011 is coming, all of XX TECHNOLOGY LIMITED COMPANY collegue thanks support and counsel for us, it is lunar Tiger year to wish that all your dreams may come true for every one. From 1/29~2/7 that we rest of festival, and begining work on 2/8, I wish you a happy New Year, a holiday joyous .

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