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Are there any christians who believe that people from other religions can enter heaven?

Are there any christians who believe that people from other religions (buddhism, taoism, hinduism, islam etc) can enter heaven?

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    The Mormons (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). They believe that all will have the opportunity to hear the message of Jesus Christ in this life or the next and will have the opportunity to accept or reject him. Of course, accepting Jesus as the Christ and one's personal Savior and advocate with the Father means that one would be converted to Christianity. I don't know if that disqualifies my response to your question or not.

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    Catholics believe we are not the ones to judje and in the bible Jesus said the parable of the evil one that put weeds in the Master's wheat plot, when the servants asked if they should pull the weeeds He said to wait until it was time to harvest then take the weeds out first, that way the wheat would not get pulled out by accident.

    See it means that we should not judge who can go to heaven or not because weeds and wheat may look the same in the beginging so we really don't know until the harvest comes, that is the day you die.

    Leave the judgements up to God, there is no sin in honoring a God you think is true if you do not know what the truth is.

    I may think i believe the right thing, but i dont know for certain,

    believing in a religion that accepts others makes me a bit more certain.

    although i cannot speak for those who change from christianity to another because they are rejecting their God, but theres always room for repentance riight? only God knows the depths and desires of ones heart and can see through the pride and notice the seed of regret in a hardened soul.

    If there is an ounce of good, God will find it!

    Source(s): Matt 13:24-30, 36-43
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    God says many will come at the last second. So that means people calling themselves Atheist right up to the last minute will be in heaven. Salvation is based on repentance. Those who do not repent of their sins and make peace with God through His only Son, Jesus Christ, will not gain eternal life.

    A very good question, Pretty. I had you pegged as a zealot that hears only what your master lets you hear. This question was a good one... for you.

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    i am a christian and i understand that all these religions and followers are like a mountain and the climbers. we all are trying to reach the apex but all in a different way. at the end of the day we either get there or fall back.its all a personal decision on which road you choose to take.

    people find different ways to worship that higher being whichever way u choose we r all praying at the end.ryt?

    i think your God or that higher being you worship will judge you according to your religion commandments

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    I just know (some of) the bible. It says God is merciful. It says that

    'no good seed will be lost'. And putting Revelations into the positive

    it says that everyone whose name is in the book of life is saved.

    Christians are in a wonderful position because they have their name

    put into the book of life as a gift for becoming one with Jesus. But they

    have then to follow the Lord, let Him lead to get rid of sins or it is possible

    for their name to be removed...fair enough...start of Christian, become

    serial killer or something.

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    I believe that, I also believe people who aren't Christians will as well. One day they will see God and know that he is.

    I believe they will be hard on themselves for missing the opportunities and blessings afforded them in mortality, however.

    Source(s): Heavenly Father, Scriptures, Prayer.
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    Google "invincible ignorance." This article is wordy and esoteric, but what it boils down to is this, good people go to Heaven and bad people go to Hell

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    There are some. but i doubt the highly religious Christians think that people from other religious sects will enter 'heaven'.

    my muslim grandma is very religious. she said that all christians are going to hell.

    religion = segregation.

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    Your grandma is INcorrect.

    Those that followed Jesus will go to heaven.

    Those that followed Moses will go to heaven.

    Those that followed Abraham will go to heaven.

    and so on ... according to Islam.

    Now, the real question is, what exactly is a Christian? Jesus referrers to himself as "one who does the will of our creator".

    Source(s): The Quran, The Bible.
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    Being born again has nothing to do with religion, It has to do with the heart.

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