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Trouble connecting iPod to internet through wireless access point.?

I have home network setup consisting of the internet cord going into a plain five port switch, from there it branches off to another switch and two computers. This first switch is also connected to my new airlink ap671w which is a wireless N access point (supports b/g/n)

My iPod touch will connect to the network fine. I can enter the access point ip adress and configure the access point itself but it will not connect to the internet. I have tested the access point with three other laptops. I notice the laptops connect to the network and it takes a few seconds to gain internet access but it works fine after those couple seconds.

I've had no problem connecting to networks at friend's houses and whatnot. I've also connected to my laptop using connectify. For some reason with connectify the internet dies after a minute or so (I can try downloading an app but it only gets to like 22% if I'm lucky)

If anyone can help me out with this it would be greatly appreciated.

I have an iPod Touch 3G running iOS 4.1

Access point network is set up with WPA2 AES security as an access point on channel 1 (no idea what the channel thing is about)


I have solved my problem!

Apparently with the new apple update the iTouch has stopped working with ip adresses that don't start with 192. Since my network was running on 168 I was unable to connect my iPod to the internet.

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    good for you!

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