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is there any evolutionary process that can create information?

in very simple language.. we are all made of miniature machines. each of these machines work in unison with another to do something, without the other, it would not work... each of these machines is made out of what we know as matter. Matter is the building blocks for life, but to create matter, we need information. We need DNA. For example... i have a class of students who all speak different languages. If i pass a hat around the room filled with letters of the alphabet, and three students pick out COW right after one another, they have created something right! WOW! a word! but it doesn't mean anything to someone who speaks german! they do not understand each other because they need prior information! Where did this Information come from? Is there any evolutionary process that can create information? I have doubts.


Wow... i guess i was right then? Outstanding!

Update 2:

ok... none of you have answered what i am asking.. i understand what you are saying, however all of these assume that there is DNA to work with. my question is.. where did the first DNA ever come from? i want an explanation as to how any information in general can be created without prior information to do this. i dont care if its GOOD DNA.. i just want an example of DNA coming from something thats not living! i don't understand why you people have to get so pissed off just because i say i have my doubts. it makes no Sense why you should get mad.. its because people have doubts that they come here. i am not forcing idea's on you, nor am i saying you are stupid. im just curious! if i was educated thoroughly in science i wouldn't ask this, nor would i be on yahoo answers. give me a break please and don't tell a guy he's stupid because you know something he doesn't.

2 Answers

  • Duke
    Lv 5
    9 years ago


    If by right you mean horribly uneducated then yes. I don't think there is one valid or accurate sentence in all that crap. Would it kill you to take a biology class? Maybe it would help you to know that the theory of evolution and Christianity do not contradict.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Gene duplication mutation, followed by further mutation, and sorted by natural selection.

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