good starter bike similar to the honda rebel?

Hey, im just starting to ride motorcycles and im not sure of a good bike for under $3000. I am not overly concerned with power, i am 5'10" 180 pounds and really enjoy the look of the rebel. I've heard mixed reviews on this bike for a beginner male rider, can you offer any other suggestions? thanks!

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  • Dimo J
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    9 years ago
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    You are looking at the Rebel 250, a small cruiser. Excelent bike, light, easy to ride, good on city streets, freeway capable. Can Interstate touring, but is marginal. Similar motorcycles would be the Yamaha V-Star (Virago) 250 and the Suzuki GZ250 -- all three are close to 330 pounds wet, all capable of 65 cruising down freeway, similar costs, etc.. Honda has a parallel twin, the Suzuki has a single, and the Yamaha has a V-twin. With your inseam, you might want the slightly longer Yamaha.

    If you want a little more speed, 75 cruising / 85 top speed, you could the midweight cruisers, 500 - 650cc. The Suzuki 650cc single is only 50 pounds more than the 250's. The other cruisers are 70 or more pounds than the Big Single.

    Which you want would depend on it you will be doing mostly city streets, or more on the freeway.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I own a 2006 Honda Rebel. The rebel has been in production since 1984. The only difference between a 1984 rebel and a 2011 rebel is the color. The advantage of making the same bike for so long is that parts are dirt cheap. A set of new front brakes cost less than $25. A new chain was only $18. The design is reliable. I bought the bike knowing all this as I bought it for delivering a paper route. Since it was originally designed for the beginer it comes with an oversized clutch. That was good for all the stops and starts in delivering a paper route. It is 16 horsepower. Which was the top of its class in 1984. But, honda has introduced in 2011 a CBR250 which is 26 horspower. The rebel struggles to do 65mph, which was fine cause when it was introduced the speed limit was 55. If you just plan on riding around town it will save you a bundle on gas. I have been getting 100 mpg. But, I don't travel over 45 mph. I have taken it up to 65mph. At that speed it vibrates like a chainsaw and only gets 50 mpg. I am 5 ft 8 and the distance from the seat to the footpegs is a bit crowded for me. For your height you would most comfortably fit on Suzuki's TU250. I can sit on the tu250 and reach the ground, but just barley. So you should fit almost perfectly. The tu250 is fuel injected and runs well up to 80 mph. If you can find one of these that would be ideal. But, suzuki does make the GZ250 which is carburated. It will run out of steam at about 75mph. What I like most about the rebel is the reliability, It may not be that powerful. But, it has always started on the first try. And since I ride every morning I should know. I live in Kansas and we always get a few days each winter where it gets below negative 10. My theory is that since I depend on my bike for my business I would rather have less power than have a bike that won't start. But, another negative about the rebel. I does not have an oil filter and the service life is only 50,000 miles. But, I really doubt that the other 250's will last much past 50,000 miles either. Hope this helps.

  • tabor
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    3 years ago

    Honda Rebel Motorcycles

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    4 years ago

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    The Honda Rebel is a 250cc cruiser for beginners. It is not slow! It is capable of cruising at Interstate speed, even with a passenger, if you so choose to do so. Most of the people that say they're "slow" are sport-bike nuts or people who have never ridden one. The Rebel is a perfect starter bike, great for around-town riding, commuting to school or work, etc. Similar bikes are the Yamaha 250 V-Star, Kawasaki Eliminator (125cc or 250cc), and Suzuki GZ250. If you want a cruiser-style, THESE are the best bikes to start on. FYI, I ride bikes over 1100cc daily, but still have a 250cc Rebel that I enjoy riding around town and short trips because of the excellent gas mileage (75+), and it will haul myself (170lbs) plus a 140lb passenger all day long!

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  • 9 years ago

    My daughter is close to your height and a little lighter and she has a Honda CBR125R its a good starter bike cheap on gas and cheap to buy and depending on where you live and what your insurance company charges cheap to insure.

    Some people feel that a larger bike is one to start out with but the problem with bigger bikes is that they go fast and can get you into trouble a lot faster and also they are heaver and more expensive when you lay it down (and you will). I would suggest as a starter bike nothing greater than a 250 until you get some time in the saddle.

  • 9 years ago

    The Yamaha VStar 250 has a V-twin engine (unlike the Rebel or the 250 Suzuki), looks good, handles well and makes more power than the Honda. I'm your size and weight an have ridden one at 70 mph against the wind while climbing a bridge.

    A couple years ago, my kid found one that had been traded that still had a years warranty left and cost under $3K. Shop around.

  • 4 years ago

    Doing what? Riding in the city? Getting once and a while on the Freeway? A ride in the country on two lanes? Hopping up on the Interstate on vacation? Do you actually know why you want to ride a motorcycle? Why you ride matters more than that you may be a new rider.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    hey honda rebel is a good mototcycle. but have you considered taking a motorcycle safety course?!?

    There are things to be learned, learn them the hard way on the highway and you can ride your bike well and safe...

  • 9 years ago

    Have you considered taking a motorcycle safety course?!?

    There are things to be learned, learn them the hard way on the highway or ....don't ask me to repeat myself.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It's always the same to start.Have you been riding long ?No.Take a rider's course first them shop around for one that fits.

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