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Describe the Structure and parts of DNA?

I'm doing a study guide and don't know this, can someone help me, please?

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    Not sure what level you are at, but I will give a short introduction and some websites for further info:

    DNA is a double stranded molecule. Each strand consists of nucleotide "building blocks". The parts of a nucleotide are : sugar (desoxyribose), phosphate, nitrous base. The backbone of the DNA strand is sugar-phosphate-sugar-phosphate-sugar-phosphate and so on, while the bases "hang" on the sugar part.

    There are 4 different bases (sugar/phosphate are identical for all nucleotides; only the bases differ): adenine (A), thymine (T), guanine (G) and cytosine (C).

    In the double stranded structure, two strands of DNA team up, with the sugar phosphate backbones on the outside, and the bases facing each other. G will always face a C, and A will always face a T. Therefore, the two strands are "mirror" images of each other. If you know the sequence of one strand, you will know the sequence of the other strand.

    The double stranded molecule is actually a helix, similar to a spiral staircase.

    Here are some website with more information:

    Good luck!

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