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On a scale of 1-10 how influential and important were these moments in wrestling history?

On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest can you please give a ranking for each of the following wrestling matches/events.

To get the best answer you will have to give some sort of a description with the ratings.

Okay here is the list:

1. Undertaker vs Shawn Micheals- Wrestlemania 26 match

2. Hulk Hogan slams Andre the Giant- Wrestlemania 3

3. Hulk Hogan joins the NWO

4. The Montreal Screwjob

5. Ted Turner buys WCW

6. The first Royal Rumble match

Try to think of the following things when answering: How did they shape the future of wrestling, will long will we remember these things for, how did they impact wrestling at the time.

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    Taking "sentiment" out of the equation and looking at each one as it fits into the grand scheme of things (in the wrestling business):

    1. Undertaker vs HBK at WM26. While it was a memorable match and it WAS Shawn's "retirement match" it really didn't/doesn't affect anything other than tugging on the fans' heart-strings. It didn't change direction for the WWE, it didn't turn the most over wrestler in the business into a "bastard" (or affect his popularity) for "retiring" Michaels, and it didn't "impact" anybody on the WWE roster (except for clearing a main event spot for somebody to step in to). This match was pure "sentiment" as the fans were saddened to see the best worker in the business at the time call it quits. For "emotional" it gets a 10. But for "influence and importance" it gets a 2. Other than clearing the way for The Miz to become a main eventer the WWE as a business was not impacted much at all.

    2. Hogan slams Andre at WM3. Hogan did the "impossible" (at least according to the WWF) and slammed an honest-to-God GIANT! That made Hulk Hogan "immortal" and an even bigger "hero" than he was before. He had slain the ultimate villain, a "fire-breathing giant", and went a long way in convincing the world's children that "saying your prayers, etc" WORKS. Increasing Hogan's status as a "hero" and "role model" helped Vince take the WWF to the whole world and if Hogan wasn't a household name by then, he sure was after slamming Andre. That slam capped off a spectacular show and took the WWF (and Hogan) to new heights and farther places. This one gets a 7.

    3. Hogan joins the nWo. THE most shocking (and successful) heel-turn in wrestling history kicked off a whole new direction, and breathed new life into, a company that desperately needed it. This was the turning point for WCW, that began it's rapid ascent to the top of the wrestling business, leaving Vince and the WWF in their dust, blinking and shaking their heads. WCW got everybody's attention with this one, and practically overnight, WCW shot to the top of the TV ratings where it remained for nearly two straight years. Hogan's heel-turn stopped the WWF's dominance dead in it's tracks and put Vince's plan to eradicate all promotions on a LONG hold. Had WCW not imploded due to incompetent management and lack of supervision from the parent company, WCW might very well have put the WWF out of business. WCW SHOULD have won the Monday Night War and Hogan's heel-turn was the home run that started it all. This one gets a 10.

    4. The Montreal Screwjob. Real-life invades pro wrestling. One of the biggest stars of all-time gets screwed and humiliated in public and the perpetrator uses it to create one of the greatest villains in wrestling history, keeping his company afloat and surviving until the "other" company imploded. This villain also made it possible for a new type of character to appear and prosper in the wrestling business: the "anti-hero". Mr McMahon and Stone Cold went on to have arguably the greatest feud in wrestling history, leading to the biggest boom time in the WWF/E's history. That "anti-hero" and that feud defined the "Attitude Era". This one gets a 9. It "only" helped the WWF survive the Hogan heel-turn and subsequent ass-kicking they got from WCW. It did affect the WWF as a business but not quite as much as Hogan's heel-turn affected WCW.

    5. Turner buys WCW. Turner injected the funds WCW needed to compete with the WWF at their level. But WCW already had a bigger "weapon" that had foiled Vince before: Ric Flair. While Hogan was a "superhero" in the WWF, Flair was a "rock star" in WCW. Flair had the credibility Hogan lacked. Hogan was a cartoon character, Flair was a living breathing larger-than-life superstar, like a major movie star or rock star. In the south, Vince never could make any serious inroads into that market. Because of Ric Flair. The south was "Flair country" and the southern fans DID NOT WANT Vince's "cartoon show". It can be argued that Vince would have eventually won anyway, but in the south Flair was king and as long as Flair was in WCW, the WWF wasn't going to win THERE. This one gets an 8 for the money Turner put into WCW allowing them to update their production values and hire more expensive wrestlers to compete with the WWF at their level.

    Source(s): 6. The first Rumble. Vince's "cheap shot" to try to steal some thunder from WCW. WCW had a PPV called "Bunkhouse Stampede". Vince tried to steal WCW's audience by offering the first Rumble free on television on the same night. He may have succeeded in swaying some fans but in the grand scheme of things in the wrestling business it had very little affect. I doubt fans even remember the reason for the first Rumble. The show itself wasn't anything special. The Rumble lasted about a half hour and no other titles were defended except for the WWF Women's Tag Team Titles. And Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant weren't even on the show. This one gets a 1.
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    1. I give it a 8. The match was great though no one with a brain thought Michaels was gonna win. Even dumber were the ones on here acting like they know the guy saying he's not retiring he's just taking time off. Predictability hurt the match but it was Michaels last match ever. And I think he went out at the right time. While in his prime. Not washed up and old like Flair, Foley and Hogan.

    2. 6. Wasn't even the best match that night. But was still good. Main event of the greatest pay per view of all time. Hogan was the first person to get a pinfall win over Andre. It was what took an already mega star in Hogan and made him look invincible.

    3. 10. This is one of the biggest events and moments in wrestling history. It shocked the world, though the minute Bobby Heenan said "whose side is he on" and Dusty Rhodes replied "What do you mean whose side is he on?" I knew right then Hogan was NWO. But this is what helped WCW become the number 1 company in wrestling for over a year, something they never did before or would again. And if you watched the PPV, the ring was covered in litter because the fans were so mad they threw their drink cups and popcorn buckets into the ring.

    4. 9. Only reason I don't give this a 10 is because Vince really did the right thing here. Bret didn't want to drop the belt and Vince didn't want him doing to the title what Medusa did with the women's title. But it sent Bret, who signed a 20 year deal with WWE just a year before, to WCW for the first time.

    5. 2. This really didn't effect anything. Ted didn't know wrestling and it showed for a long time. It wasn't until Eric Bischoff did what everyone had always wanted done, make it look like WCW and WWE were gonna go head to head, that something worked.

    6. 4. Wasn't on PPV. Was only 20 men. And the show actually ended with a tag match between Powers and Roma against the Islanders I believe it was. The Royal Rumble didn't become a big deal until 1992 when the WWE title was awarded to the winner, and 1993 which was the first one to grant the winner a shot at the WWE title at Mania. The first one didn't really mean anything to anyone.

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    Undertaker vs HBK


    It was an end to an era, a career & to extraordinary matches that can only be seen by Shawn Michaels.

    It will be remembered forever because HBK will never ever be forgotten.

    I think it effected WWE negatively but positively for Shawn.

    It's a real shame but father time is inevitable.

    10/10 cos Shawn's career deserves nothing less.


    Hogan slams Andre.

    For the time it was a big deal, it boosted Hogan's status to the full which indirectly effected WCW positively 6 & a half years later. In terms of impact, it's evident today in TNA, that's just been negative.

    It'll be remembered as the sign of the times & era but aint nowadays looked on as epic no matter how often its shown.



    Hogan joins NWO.

    Essential, it led to WCW beating WWE 83 weeks in a row which influenced WWF's attitude era.

    Had Hogan not slammed Andre, he may not have been as iconic for his NWO reign to be so shocking resulting in its ratings. It went full circle.



    The montreal screwjob.

    This led to 1 good thing &

    Source(s): everything else tragic. The good thing is it created Mr McMahon who was essential through "attitude". Would Owen have been forced to be blue blazer again if Bret was still in WWF? That's all I'm saying on that. British Bulldog, died shortly after breaking his back on the WCW trap door used for Ultimate Warrior's debut in the ring. Bulldog's drug use was no secret but did the pain killers used to ease his back hold any significance to his death? Bret wouldn't have had his career ended by Goldberg. The screw job paid dividence to WWE in 98. 10/10 (because of the possible effects on aspects both good & tragic if it is, we'll never know for sure. It be remembered forever. . Turner buys WCW. It's only the money that fueled WCW to buy massive names who joined NWO. I dunno if WCW could have done that with or without Turner. 6/10 . The 1st rumble match. It had to start somewhere, without it WM would never be as big. 88 is not very memorable other than for Hacksaw 10/10 .
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    1. I would rate this as a 9 .

    I wouldn't say this occurrence was too important, but it did result in important things . One of them being the end of the career of the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels . After about 25 years of entertaining the world and being called ''the best they've ever seen'', The Undertaker unfortunately ended it all . That was one thing that had an impact on the WWE as a whole . But the other thing is that it gave a positive outlook on something no one thought was good: The ''PG-Era'' or the ''Universal-Era'' or whatever they call it . It quietly verbalized to everyone that you don't need blood, sex and violence for something to be good . And The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels said just that .

    2. I would rate this as a 10 .

    This was the Genesis of something that was bound to spout out from the ground . When Hulk Hogan applied that Scoop Slam on Andre, it was an unexpected growing of the company . This made Hulk Hogan the face of the company, which gave better ratings and more viewers to WWE/F, which basically gave the WWE an advantage over every other wrestling company in the world . Without this moment, I don't think WWE would be where it is today .

    3. I'm sorry, I wasn't aware of wrestling at the time, but I'll give a brief explanation .

    From what I do know, by this moment, Hulk Hogan had already passed the torch to Shawn Michaels and Bret (or The Rock and Stone Cold, I'm not sure), so let's just say it was new beginnings for WWE/F . Something called ''attitude'' .

    4. I know of this, but I'm not really sure of how influental this was . I just know it was extremely controversial and was the beginning of the ''evil boss'', Vince McMahon .

    5. Sorry again, but I never saw one episode of WCW .

    6. I would rate this as a 10 .

    This idea brought forth many things, such as giving superstars huge credibility and/or giving superstars their chance to shine at Wrestle Mania . Not a long description for this .

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    1: 10

    2: 7

    3: 8

    4: 9

    5: 7

    6: 8

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