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Chapter 10 : Lesson 1 : Role of the catholic church

1)what was the cause of conflict between pope gregory and emperor henry IV?

2)what as the outcome of the conflict?

3)explain how universities were founded?

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    1) what was the cause of Conflict Between Pope Gregory and Emperor Henry IV?

    The conflict began in 1075 when Henry IV insisted on the right of a secular prince presiding over the investiture of the princes of the church, especially the bishops, which triggered the conflict known as the Wars of Investiture.

    Before the Pope Gregory VII, it was common for kings, emperors and nobles to appoint the local clergy, so they could control their actions, which led to corruption among the clergy (the endowment made by the nobles sought only personal interests and the kingdom's).

    When elected, Pope Gregory VII stated that only the pope could appoint or dismiss the clergy, or move them from their cathedrals.

    At this time, the Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV, called the pope deposed and called for electing a new pontiff.

    As a result, Pope Gregory VII excommunicated (penalty of the Catholic Church is to exclude anyone from all or part of the common spiritual wealth to the faithful), Henry in 1076. The German princes supported the Pope

    Thus Henry IV had no choice, and in 1077 he traveled to Canossa in northern Italy to meet the pope personally apologize and as penance for their sins.

    The Pope lifted the excommunication, under certain conditions, which Henry soon violated. '

    Henry IV, then invaded Rome with the intention of forcibly removing Gregory VII, who died shortly afterward in exile in Salerno,

    2)what as the outcome of the conflict?

    The War of Investiture continued for several decades, with each pope diminishing the imperial power and fighting against simony.

    This conflict was finally resolved in 1122 by the Concordat of Worms, who adopted a compromise solution: it would be the pope's spiritual investiture of bishops and the emperor, the endowment of time.


    The medieval universities were founded around 1150 in the context of the Renaissance of the twelfth century. These institutions are the starting point for the university model that we have today.

    In the ninth century, Charlemagne had managed to gather much of Europe under his domain. To strengthen and unify his empire, he decided to devise a reform in education. The English monk Alcuin developed a school development project that sought to revive classical learning by establishing study programs from the seven liberal arts: grammar, rhetoric, dialectic, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and music. From the year 787, the decrees were issued which recommended throughout the empire, the restoration of old schools and building new. Institutionally, these new schools could be monastic, with the monasteries, cathedrals, near the headquarters of the bishoprics, and palate, with the courts.

    In the eleventh and twelfth centuries, some of the schools that had been structured on the basis of the orders of Charlemagne, who were known for their high level of education, earn their way to universities. After that started to appear institutions founded by the authorities, which have been born as a structured institution of higher education.

    Between 1200 and 1400 were founded in Europe, 52 universities and 29 of them were erected by the popes. The first European universities were founded in Italy and France to study law, medicine and theology.

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