I have an Art Homework question... Involving the Principles and Elements?

One of my homework questions is, "What is the difference between Pattern and Visual Rhythm?" The description for Pattern is: artists create patterns by repeating a line, shape, or color over and over again. Rhythm is: visual rhythm makes you think of the rhythmes you think of in music or dance. Artists create visual rhythm by repeating art elements and creating patterns.

I just don't understand the difference. I know that patterns help to create rhythms and all that, but it's not totally clear. Can anyone describe it in a way that makes more sense?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Pattern is restrictive in its visual composition. Patterns are repetitive by their very nature. They don't let you free or take you on a journey... they simply go tick tick tick tick tick tick or maybe tick thump tick thump and so on.... LOL!

    What ads rhythm to a pattern is often colour and tone.

    Rhythm can be free and manic and a little crazy. Think of the painting of a storm... there is no pattern. And yet you still feel the wind, the rain and hear the storm. Also... think of action painting (google it!) where the artist literally expresses his or her movement (rhythm) onto the surface with paint. There is often no pattern here and yet the pieces still buzz with the rhythm and motion of the artist.

    Again, take a look at the futurist paintings. These are full of rhythm and movement and yet there are no patterns really. Patterns require repetition or at the least some level of control.

    Rhythm can be chaos. Complete and utter loss of all control and consciousness and yet there is still the rhythm of this loss. Chaos can not be a pattern (withing this context before all the physicists jump on my back!)... if it is then there can be no true definition of chaos.

    Hope this helps... and stop cheating on your homework!!!!

    Source(s): Visual Arts Teacher and Lecturer, BA Fine Art, MA Visual Arts Language, Professional Artist
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  • 9 years ago

    The way I imagined it (not sure if it will help you) is that patterns were boring and you could predict what was next. With visual rhythm, you were kinda bouncing along to it. That probably doesn't make sense, sorry.

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