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Acting Oppoturnities in NYC?

So, I'm thinking about becoming an actress and move to NYC to pursue it. I don't want to be on Broadway b/c I can't sing. I, pretty much, want to do TV shows and movies. Or plays that aren't musicals. What oppturnites are there? And how much are apartments are in NYC?

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    NYC is a hub in the acting world. More so for the theater side however there are about 50 different TV shows being filmed in NYC. LA is more of film and tv hub with a smaller theater crowd. An 800 sq foot apartment in Manhattan runs about 2500 bucks a month. 800 sq foot is about the size of two of the bedrooms in your house.

    There are many shows in the NYC area that are drama's and comedies. NO singing. However, make it easier on your self and learn to sing and dance and become a triple threat. You'd be easier to hire.

    There are about 250 agents and 50 or so casting agencies in NYC

    IN LA there are about 100o agents and 1000 casting agencies

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    Well before you make a big move to New York, I think you should start out in your area first. Especially since you would be just starting out. You want to make sure this is really what you want to do.

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