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global homework help?

we havew these questions to answer and i kno none of them being i dont have the text book... they are...

1:why was there discontent with the old regime in france?

2: why did a crowd storm the bastille?

3:what was the slogan of the french rev.?

4: what was the reign of terror?

5: list the reforms that nopoleon made as leader of france?

6: A. how did neopoleon build an empier in europe? B. what were wo resons for his downfall?

7:how doid the congress of vienna try to restore balance of power in europe? did geography of russian empire work agenst neopoleons grand army? B. do u think geography can effect the outcome of modern warfare? explain?

these are are thre questions i have to answer if anyone can help me that would be great thanks :)

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    1. King Louis XVI didn't care much about the people of France. The three estates ( 1st being clergy, 2nd being nobles, and third being everyone else), were extremely unbalanced. The third estate was very poor. Also, there was wide spread crop failures. While people were struggling to survive, Louis's wife, Marie Antoinette was lavishly spending LOTS money on silly things like hair styles and dresses. What outraged the French even more, is she wasn't even French. She was Austrian. All of these factors upset the French people.

    2. King Louis XVI noticed the discomfort among his people. and he was quite paranoid about it. So, he brought in troops to Versailles and Paris. The people were not happy. So they went to the Bastille and demanded they set all the prisoners free (there were only about 7). This wasn't so much about them freeing the prisoners, it was more that the Bastille represented the King's power, and they wanted to show they couldn't be held back.

    3. The slogan was liberty, equality and fraternity. This was largely based off of the US declaration of independence and previous enlightenment ideas.

    4. The reign of terror was one of the bloodiest periods in the revolution. Maximilien Robespierre led it for a while. Many, many people were executed without much of a trial. If you said "My neighbour is against the revolution", they would probably be gone the next day.

    5. Napoleon edited the laws that had been created before and during the revolution. Because the revolution scrambled things and caused panic, laws were frequently changed and not many people knew about it. He also centralized the government. He also created many schools for middle class boys. It wasn't a whole lot of schooling, but it was a lot more than had previously been in effect.

    6. A. Napoleon had the people "vote" him into power as an emperor. B. One reason for his downfall is that he tried to invade Russia. Russia, thanks to its strategy of "retreat and burn everything to the ground" called Scorched Earth, forced the French troops to retreat. By the time Napoleon was back in France, he had about 5% of his original troops. Most died from hunger or cold.

    7. The congress of Vienna tried very hard to establish a balance of power. They thought if everyone was given a little bit to rule and divided it all up, it would make things more peaceful.

    8. Russia is VAST. it is an immense country. Napoleon had a long way to go to get to Moscow. The Russians burned all the crops that the French passed so they couldn't steal food and had to rely on supply lines. And Russia is COLD. Half of it is a vast cold ice cube. In winter, 75% is a vast cold ice cube. Napoleon was there in late fall, early winter. B. Geography can still play a role in modern warfare, but not as much as it did then. If a war was fought in a foreign country, the natives still know the land better than the troops coming from somewhere else. And troops would still have a hard time in Russia in winter even today. They could do it, but it would not be fun. Troop morale would decline quickly.

    WOAAAH. sorry that's so long. Good questions though. I just studied all of this this year, and i had an exam on it today.

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    3. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

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