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Previous c section and going for a VBAC?

Okay i had a c section 3 years ago with my son, i am now 23 weeks pregnant with my second child and i talked to my OB about trying a VBAC which they are okay with. My question is, do they have to give you a epidural just in case??

I was wanting to do this birth naturally and i do NOT want anything in my back by any means. Would they force me to if everything is going okay??

I also had 2 epidurals with my first and they tried for 30 minutes to do a spinal for the c section, my back is so screwed up and i had extreme migraines for 2 weeks afterwards, i dont want to go through any of that I DONT WANT ANYTHING IN MY BACK

Any experiences with a VBAC after a c ssection?

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  • 9 years ago
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    You can refuse the epidural. There is no requirement for it. Make sure that the hospital actually supports VBAC. A lot of doctors play a bait and switch game - playing you along all through your pregnancy and then suddenly telling you all the 'dangers' of VBAC. Amazingly, they downplay all the dangers of Csec.

    I highly recommend hiring a doula or other caregiver to help you out during your labor. Husbands are notorious for pushing for epidurals rather than supporting you in your choice, or just plain providing support. They think they are helping by undermining your goals and I know one marriage that nearly ended because of the husband's non-support. You want someone pushy enough to say to a nurse or husband that you will request an epidural if you want one, but bleating on about one is NOT HELPING!

    At the same time, I would get a copy of your hospital records and review with the doctor about what might have gone wrong with the epidural or spinal. In most cases, you have an incompetent or poor quality anesthesiologist. I'm pretty sure that is what happened in my case. I too had the terrible migraines, but then got pneumonia from the general anesthesia. You need to work this out because if you did have a repeat c-section, they would surely insist on a spinal.

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    9 years ago

    No they do not* need to give you an epidural nor can they force you to have an epidural or any other kind of drug you dont want, but be aware if something happens that you need a C-section it will be under general anesthesia.

    I was going for VBAC with my last son after a C-section and my OB told me they preffered it but it wasnt mandatory as they couldnt like hold me down and force it on me right?

    Good Luck!

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