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Anne asked in Education & ReferenceTrivia · 1 decade ago

Could you name great men named Thomas?

I only know of Thomas Edison.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ambroise Thomas, French opera composer

    Anthony Thomas, American football player

    Bill Thomas (author), Author, photojournalist

    Christopher Thomas, American politician and lawyer

    Clarence Thomas, United States Supreme Court justice

    Craig L. Thomas, United States senator from Wyoming

    Dafydd Elis-Thomas, Welsh politician

    Dana Thomas, Fashion journalist

    Danny Thomas, American comedian and actor

    Danny Thomas, Welsh footballer

    David Alfred Thomas, 1st Viscount Rhondda, Welsh industrialist and politician

    Delano Thomas, American indoor volleyball player

    Dick Thomas Wales international rugby player

    Dean Thomas, a fictional character from Harry Potter

    Dylan Thomas, Welsh poet

    Earle Thomas, New Zealand international footballer

    Georg Thomas German general

    George Housman Thomas (1824–1868), English painter and illustrator

    Gerald Thomas, English film director

    George Henry Thomas (July 31, 1816 – March 28, 1870) the "Rock of Chickamauga", Union General

    Héctor Thomas, Venezuelan decathlete

    Helen Thomas, US-American journalist

    Hettinger Tom, founder of Hettinger County

    Horace Thomas, Welsh rugby player

    Hugh Thomas, British historian

    Hugh Evan-Thomas, British admiral

    Isaiah Thomas, revolutionary-era newspaper publisher

    Isiah Thomas, American basketball player

    Isiah Thomas (boxer), American boxer

    Iwan Thomas, British Olympic athlete

    James Henry Thomas, British politician

    Jerry A. Thomas, Louisiana politician

    Karl Thomas, American Medal of Honor recipient

    Keith Thomas, Welsh historian

    Kristin Scott Thomas, English actress

    Lee Emmett Thomas (1866-1935), Louisiana politician

    Lewis Cobden Thomas (1865-1928), Wales international rugby player

    Linn Thomas, American erotic model

    Llewellyn Thomas (1903-1992), British physicist

    Lorenzo Thomas (1804–1875) Secretary of War under Andrew Johnson

    Lorenzo Thomas (poet) (1944–2005)

    Lowell Thomas Author; radio commentator

    Malcolm Thomas, Wales international rugby union captain

    Mansel Thomas Welsh composer and conductor

    Marjorie Thomas (1923–2008), English opera and oratorio singer

    Marlo Thomas, American actress, daughter of Danny Thomas

    Martyn Thomas, British software engineer

    Martyn Thomas (rugby player), Welsh rugby union player

    Matthew James Thomas, British actor

    Norman Thomas, American socialist and six-time presidential candidate

    Oldfield Thomas, British zoologist

    Olive Thomas, American actress

    Peter Wynne-Thomas, English writer and historian on the subject of cricket

    Petria Thomas (born 1975), Australian swimmer

    Phillip Michael Thomas (born 1949), American actor, singer, and music producer

    Richard Thomas, American actor

    Richard V. Thomas, justice of the Wyoming Supreme Court

    Robert Lindsay Thomas, American politician

    Ronald Stuart Thomas, Welsh poet

    Roy Thomas, American comic book writer, and former editor-in-chief for Marvel Comics

    Rozonda Thomas, American R&B singer

    Rufus Thomas, American R&B singer

    Ryan Drew Thomas, the American mixed martial arts fighter

    Ryan James Thomas, the English actor

    Sam B. Thomas (1925-2007), Kentucky politician

    Sarah Thomas, Welsh field-hockey player

    Sheray Thomas, Canadian basketball player

    Sonya Thomas, American competitive eater

    Susan Thomas, Baroness Thomas of Walliswood, British businesswoman and politician

    Tommy Thomas, major league baseball player from 1926–1937

    Tommy Thomas, Republican sheriff of Harris County, Texas

    Thomas J. Pilgrim, started first school in Texas

    Vernon Thomas (wrestler), New Zealand wrestler

    Viv Thomas, British pornographic director

    Vivien Thomas, American medical researcher

    William I. Thomas, American sociologist

  • Thomas Jefferson

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Thomas Jefferson

  • 1 decade ago

    Thomas Mann

    Thomas Paine

    Thomas Jefferson

    (Sir) Thomas More

    (Saint) Thomas Aquinas

    (Thomas) Woodrow Wilson

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Thomas Edison

    Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Woodrow Wilson

    Thomas Paine

    Thomas the apostle

    St. Thomas

    Judas Thomas

    Thomas Rolfe

    it depends on your definition of great, and thomas is also a very common name.

  • 1 decade ago

    Thomas Alva Edison

    Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Paine

    Thomas Kinkade

  • ?
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    5 years ago

    Adeline Brynn Charlotte Daniella Evangeline Frances Georgiana Holly Isabelle Jasmine Katherine Lila Matilda Nicole Olivia Paige Quinlyn Rose Scarlett Tahlia Ulyssa Victoria Willow Xantha Yasmine Zoe. Aidan Benjamin Charles Deacon Evan Finnley Greyson Henry Isaac Jacob Kevin Levi Max Nicholas Owen Paul Quinn Riley Samuel Tyler Ulias Victor William Xavier Yale Zachariah. Hahahah... how loopy!?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Thomas the train, thomas jefferson, thomas paine, thomas the cat

  • 1 decade ago

    I googled 'Thomas' and 'famous' and came up with the following list:

    * Aquinas, Thomas

    * Bulfinch, Thomas

    * Carlyle, Thomas

    * Church, Thomas Haden

    * Connery, Sean

    * Corbett, Thomas "Boston"

    * Cruise, Tom

    * De Quincey, Thomas

    * DeLay, Tom

    * Eakins, Thomas

    * Edison, Thomas

    * Eliot, T.S.

    * Hardy, Thomas

    * Herrion, Thomas

    * Hobbes, Thomas

    * Ince, Thomas H.

    * Jackson, Thomas J. "Stonewall"

    * Jakes, T.D.

    * Jefferson, Thomas

    * Jones, Tom

    * Moore, Garry

    * More, Sir Thomas

    * Nast, Thomas

    * Noguchi, Thomas

    * Paine, Thomas

    * Pynchon, Thomas

    * Raffles, Sir Thomas Stamford

    * Selfridge, Thomas E.

    * Vilsack, Thomas

    * Waller, Fats

    * Wolfe, Thomas

  • 1 decade ago

    Thomas Hardy, St. Thomas Aquinas, and St. Thomas a Becket. Poets and saints...

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