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Is democracy only effective if the citizens are smart and informed?

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    yes! so glad you asked this question because my friend and I always talk about this issue...I think Ben Franlkin said, "A country is only as strong as the character of its people" or something along those's true though!!! Think of the last many people voted for Obama because of emotional reasons. For example, people wanted to see a black man become president of America, people didn't want to vote for McCain becauce he "looks like a turkey", people liked the promises Obama made because his promises for change sounded emotionally gratifying...what's unfortunate is that many voters ARE NOT informed; they base their political viewpoints on what SOUNDS good, without actually analyzing things and realizing what policies are best for the country in the long run. People are also concerned with NOW NOW NOW ME ME ME, so they are most likely to choose a president who will help their butts, even if it means ruining it for the future generations. Full-pledged democracy could possibly work, in my opinion, if almost every member of society lived by high standards/morals/values, yearned to self-improve and/or accepted his or flaws/limitations. The biggeset problem I see with democracy is that just like in socialism, the degenerates will smother anyone above them and force him or her to stoop down to their own low level.

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    You are talking here in terms of philosophy - Negative and positive Liberty:

    There is no question that as a country, we can achieve more if the educational system and environmental conditions allow us to develop intellectually and physically. However, democracy will always be preferable over dictatorship, for the simple reason that "positive liberty" has been, through history, the sign of oppression, torture, frustration and even massacre.

    Democracy may not be ideal - and it isn't - but it is always far better than the alternative, even if the people of the country are not exactly a bunch of Einsteins.

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    Yes. and they are kicking and screaming all the way to the light.

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    9 years ago

    Yes. Both, red and blue, are total failures.

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