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Cherry asked in 家用電器手提電話 · 1 decade ago



同埋我想要類似word file,但唔一定要micro,想要係家用手提電腦度開返,有無依類app down?


手機既話係咪好似set up個hot spot咁,大概幾錢?




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    1 decade ago
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    hi... ipad 2 will be coming on Jun this year!

    I'm using ipad 1 for half year. hope I can answer ur questions.

    when u buy a ipad, the system can type English and write Chinese, but it's only simple Chinese. you need to connect ur ipad to the itunes software with ur pc, then update the ipad system, then u can write our HK traditional Chinese, so great.

    I used the app called "office HD2" in my ipad, like excel and words, I forget the price, around US$5-$8, I guessed.

    ipad has 2 styles - one is wifi (using the wireless spot for online) - one is wifi + 3G (using the wireless spot for online, but also can use ur 3G SIM card for online, of cos' u need to join ur cellphone company's plan). as I know ipad and iphone's 3G SIM card is smaller than other SIM card.

    for the wifi ipad using in USA, it just likes a netbook/laptop, get the wireless connection, then u are good to go. for the wifi + 3G ipad, you need to join AT&T's plan, around US$60-80 monthly. for the iphone, you can buy a prepaid card for talking from T-mobile or other cellphone companies, but if u want to use ur iphone to online, you also need to join AT&T's plan.

  • 1 decade ago

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