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I'm level 2 and I no longer have the option to vote using the thumbs up/down?

I'm level 2 and I no longer have the option to vote for the best answer using the thumbs up/down in yahoo answers.

I also can't for some reason search yahoo news. Every search comes up blank. I have to log out of my account to do a search. I searching yahoo news on my friends login on his computer and it works for him but when I try with my login on his computer it doesn't work for me.


I also can't comment on yahoo news stories. My comments never show up anymore.

Update 2:

how do i reinstall my account???

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    These bugs are in your own computer. Before contacting Yahoo, fully clean out all temporary files, the cache, history etc. The easiest way to do all of this is to download CCleaner. It used to be called 'Crap Cleaner', because it cleans out so many 'junk' files: history, cookies, temporary files, Temporary Internet Files, Recycle Bin and many more. Then re-boot.

    CC works for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, as well as a number of other programs that set cookies and files. The extra files can be removed for each of your browsers at one time in one click after you set up the options you wish. (It works after you close the browser.) The bonus is that using it regularly speeds up your computer too! It also has a reliable, cautious registry cleaner if you need to use one.

    Also, for individual browsers, see:'s-Cache's-Cookie...

    If that does not work, then send a letter of explanation of your problem(s) to Yahoo. The E-Mail address for Yahoo!customer care is

    or missing on purpose in answrs)

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    If you are using a website blacklist add on like 'WOT' (web of trust) for firefox or internet filter software you may have accidentally blocked access to certain sites or certain areas within those sites.

    If you are using a slow internet connection like WIFI or dial up the connection could have time out.

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    have you tried reinstalling your account you might have a bug

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