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Can you help me with these characters?

Basically, I'm doing speeches at a few schools soon and I'm going to get them to tell me what their first impressions of these characters are, based on a paragraph of dialogue. These five characters had their dialogue written VERY quickly, so I'm sorry if it's rushed.

Anyway, can you tell me what you think of them, and whether you reckon they're heroes or villains? Thanks in advance :D


“This world is mine to seize. You think that your rebellion can stop my Kingdom? Oh, love, I can knock them flat with the back of my hand. I will do whatever it takes to protect my people, my land, my soldiers. Anyone who tries to oppose me will be crushed – so I suggest you behave.”


“LISTEN! He’s picking us off one by one! He’s taking captives so that we’ll go after him, and that’s exactly what you’re trying to do! You’re playing into his hands! Listen to me, if you follow him, you will be eradicated. Do you think that I don’t know what I’m talking about? You haven’t lost anyone! You haven’t seen death! I HAVE!”


“Listen to me, you snivelling little brats. I don’t know what delusional fantasies you have flying through your makeup-encrusted skulls, but you can forget them all. Zeth is (i) mine (/i), and I’ve earned that right by fighting beside him. Now, I would like nothing better than to take those pretty blue eyes of yours and hang them on my wall as trophies. If you want to keep a pretty face, then I advise that you get out of my sight.”


“This is a thrill. Some might call it fear, I call it excitement. Isn’t there a small part of the human soul that craves terror, loves terror? Why else would we tell ghost stories, after all? I love the feeling of a quickly beating heart, I like it when I can barely breathe or move. The adrenaline is addictive.’


“There’s a cat sitting on my chest. Hello, cat. You’re very skinny. I believe I will call you Fatty. You’re not much company, though. I wish Iva was here. She was cute. That’s what I need, actually. I need a pretty girl hanging around here. That would entertain me. Wouldn’t it, Fatty? Yes, I thought so. God I’m bored. Let’s get something to eat.”

(There are other characters who will be analysed - there are eight of them in all, I think - but I wanted to keep it short.)

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    Okay, Kitty, but I can be pretty blunt...

    Zeth - standard egotistical villain who learned his villaining from B-movies. I half-expected an 'ah-ah-ah' at the end. Of course, if this is what you're aiming for, brilliant.

    Ananias - desperate angsty hero type. I was quite interested.

    Vierra - what a psycho. Why 'make-up encrusted'? And why is she giving them a second chance? What's stopping her doing the eyeball thing?

    Laian - gotta say that seemed rather rehearsed for an adrenaline junkie...

    Jarret - intriguing but stating everything out loud brought it down a bit. Maybe he's the chatty type, in which case fine, but I'd do it more like this:

    There was a cat on Jarret's chest. "Hello, cat." The cat was emaciated; its ribs were showing. He rubbed its head. "I shall call you Fatty." The cat didn't respond. "Not much company, are you? I wish Iva was here..." Iva, with her (insert something he likes here) and (also here). A pretty girl was just what he needed - for company, for entertainment. "Isn't that right, Fatty?" The cat closed its eyes. "I'm bored too. Let's get something to eat."

    As a cast, though, I was impressed by them. I'd like to know some relationships, some interaction, and see some action (you know it speaks louder than words! :D ) Keep up the good work.

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    Anime:Fruits basket A quiet character:kisa A character with a enormous overwhelm on an extra character:hiro,kyo^^ A confident character:momiji A perverted character:shigure ^^ A relatively wealthy character:hmmm they all relatively however i assume akito A relatively sensible character:yuki, hatori A flashy panties kinda character:ayame Yea I suppose plenty of anime has the ones, xD

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  • First of all I think they are pretty interesting characters. Let me think... Zeth= villain, Ananias= hero, Veirra=villain, Laian=villain and Jarrett= villain? I'm probably wrong but I'm on my iPod which is hard to read and type on.

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    Is it: bad guy, goodguy, badguy, goodguy, goodguy? Last guy really seems bored, lol

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