Good Application for the Ipod to read free books?

I'm looking for an Application I can read the Book "The Messenger" By Lois Lowry. Please, before you answer the application MUST have this book.

Basically, I would pay the 15 dollars for the Audiobook but I wasn't fond of the The Giver audio Book and how slow it was.

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  • 10 years ago
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    I recommend the "Wattpad" application. It's free and it has a huge selection of books and fan-fiction, that also comes in a wide variety of languages. I'm not sure if it has "The Messenger" book, though. It does have other Lois Lowry books, though, like the "The Giver".

    You can also check out their website:

    Also, if you want to read the novel online, you can access this website:

    and to read the book online, for free click here:

    Good luck,


    Source(s): I own an ipod and I used the application.
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