Is it true that you can paralyze your face by piercing your lip?

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I'm thinking of getting my lip pierced this month, but I've heard that if the piercer somehow hits a nerve then you could run the risk of paralyzing half your face? Is this more
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  • leo81 answered 3 years ago
i thought the face paralyzing thing was with eye brow piercings.i got my lip done about 5 months ago.the piercer let me choose where exactly i wanted it pierced(which i wish he didnt bcos when i look at it,i wish i wouldv told him over a bit further). anyways he told me about 4 weeks to heal but mine took 8. my sister pierced her own lip and it was ok but i wouldnt recommend it.good luck.lip piercings are hott ;)
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  • Jasmin Turner answered 3 years ago
    There are lots of rumors out there about possible hugely bad side effects of piercings. For example, yes, it is true that an infection on your tongue piercing could possibly travel down your throat and into your heart, to kill you. However, that is like saying any infection on your body can travel like that. It is possible in the same way martians are possible, but not as likely.

    This question falls into the same category. When one has a piercing, they go to a professional piercer who understands anatomy. They know what blood vessels, nerves, etc. will be a problem, and watch out for them. I have never heard of any important nerves in the lip region that would paralyze your entire face if hit depending on personal anatomy, but this falls into the realm of possibility. Most likely, someone was pierced, felt numb, and the rumors were passed, growing into paralysis. This is not even a rare problem- as far as I know, it does not exist.
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  • Brittany answered 3 years ago
    myth. ive been piercing people lips and my own for 2 years. They dont look at your lip cuz they line it up with the side of your nose so they dont hit vein,. if they do though, it will bleed alot and ud have to go to the hospital maybe but it wont paralyze your face. Thats tong rings that paralyze your toung
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  • ? answered 3 years ago
    I have never heard anything like this, and honestly it sounds absurd, I've had my lip pierced twice and the second time was quite a butchering, if there is such a side effect, then anyone who works at a tattoo and piercing shop will know about it and know how to avoid it. The actual piercing process though is quite similar to what you've seen, if you go to a good shop they will at least put a hollow clamp on your lip to keep the skin tight, so that they don't butcher it like my lip was. But once that's done they will simply hook your jewelry to a hollow needle and shove it through. It hurts pretty bad but only for about a second.


    two lip piercings
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  • ? answered 3 years ago
    ...I don't believe so.
    Usually professional piercers know where to pierce it, and I think (if it could be paralyzed) its due to the vein in your lip. If you hit this, it will bleed, but i dont think it can cause your whole face to become paralyzed :S Im not sure though.

    Before you get it done, ask about it. the piercer will have a better idea and further knowledge on this, and he or she will probably be happy to help.
    Just ask the wrisks and such, they will tell you :]
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