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What are (ME) deployments like in the USCG?

Any and all information would be appreciated for this question. Length, typical duties, frequency of combat, places that we are mostly being sent to (if it's not OPSEC) and any other information at all that you can think of. Thanks!


I'm mostly looking for information attributed to the reserves.

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    Thus far, the only thing they've been doing en masse is supervising pollution clean-up crews in the Gulf of Mexico. Other than that, it's all based upon what unit they are assigned to and what the mission entails.

    They can be deployed for a week, or for a couple months. Thus far, they haven't seen any "combat" as we aren't a direct combat service. We have quite a few over in the Persian Gulf area doing boardings of commercial vessels to enforce the embargoes and such. Most of them over there are Active Duty, with the majority of Reservists working in Kuwait.

    Try a Google search for Port Security Units to see what all they are doing. Without blowing OPSEC, not much else can be said.

    Brian Raini

    Source(s): I'm in the Coast Guard.
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