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boarding schools in IL?

I wondering were there are some nice boarding schools for junior high that are not for crazy or for kids that need big help in school as i said a nice normal school in IL that does not cost us and my family a lot. thank you so much for da help ps leave website

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    Hi, they are almost ALL good (nice schools)... but i will not lie to you...it is always tough at first, believe me (contact me on :chantal2009@gmail.com and I will give u some hints on what to expect...oh and how to cope, lol) BUT now - well it's something very unique, something different, something very special, something that will change you forever, I had no idea how... I will let you know more how to achieve this when you write.

    Why only in IL... what about states close by... see the list for IL has only two, but they seem nice ...

    Brehm Preparatory School Co-ed 6-12, PG Carbondale, IL

    Lake Forest Academy Co-ed 9-12, PG Lake Forest, IL

    take the link below and change it other states...


    There is not really such a thing as a boarding school that does not cost a lot... sorry!!! unless you come to mine here in South Africa... but then it would be a bit of a trip lol...

    The best priced schools are the catholic ones are about $22,000 a year... see this lovely school oh and u dont have to be catholic to go... but you would need to believe and be Christian - ie attend prayers and go to church... its great I love it all.


    Hope this helps... oh and mail me if u can...:chantal2009@gmail.com

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