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Statistics regarding fresh water in Canada?

Or facts. Or reasons why Canada's fresh water is the best. Or anything to do with why Canada's fresh water is one of the best things in Canada?

please and thank you!

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    Canada has a huge wealth of freshwater.

    Canada ranks first among the countries of the world in surface area covered by freshwater. The Great Lakes (partially shared with the United States), makes up the largest surface area of freshwater found in one place anywhere in the world.

    5 of Canada's provinces and territories have an area of inland water greater 94,000 square kms. Only 6 other countries in the world have that much surface freshwater.

    Canadian rivers discharge close to 9% of the world's renewable water supply.

    Only 4 countries have more than 100 000 cubic meters of renewable water resources per inhabitant: Canada, Iceland, Gabon and Suriname.

    I didn't quote anything from this source, but you can find many more stats at

    Also more at the sources below

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    Because of many things:


    Geographical location

    Huge abundance of untouched land

    High standards in water treatment


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    less pollution

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