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how hard is it to get in to a sorority?

so im a Jr in high school

and my mom what me to get into a sorority

my 1st year of College

how would i go about getting into one my 1st year there

or can you even get in to one being a freshman

PS i want to get into Sigma Kappa in UNLV ... do they let freshman in there

and how would i go about getting in one

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    Sorority membership takes up a lot of time and money, make sure it's what YOU want to do, not just something mom wants you to do.

    Sororities have an organized recruitment process, you do not just randomly pick a sorority and try to join that one. You meet with women from every sorority. Until you know the women in the groups you don't know which one you are interested in. Every school does it a little differently but UNLV does this:

    "Formal recruitment consists of a four-day period through which interested college women meet the members of all five PHC sororities:

    Each chapter has a set of requirements for membership determined by their national organization.

    Interested women will have the opportunity to learn about chapter activities, interact with initiated members of each organization and ask questions

    Interested women are required to register for formal recruitment and there is a non-refundable participation fee.

    To participate in formal recruitment, potential new members are required to attend all recruitment events."

    Should you go to a different school, look for the school's greek life website. They will have similar information on how to join.

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    In order to join a sorority you need to sign up for recruitment. This is a time period where you go and visit each house your school has and are able to see which best fits you. "Rushing" as it's called, isn't hard whatsoever. During this time it's best to just be yourself and relax. If you try and focus on one house however, you might miss out on all the others. I had an idea of which sorority I wanted to join but by keeping an open mind it's a lot easier. Some great advice I received was to pick the house where you could feel comfortable walking around in sweats without your makeup and hair done. That made the decision so much easier to make! Most people join their freshman year but you can join a sorority at any point in your college career. I waited till sophomore year and had a good understanding of college before I joined and it's been great. Good luck with your sorority search. They're a great organization to be apart of. I can't imagine a life without my sisters. Enjoy!

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    Unlv Sororities

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    This Site Might Help You.


    how hard is it to get in to a sorority?

    so im a Jr in high school

    and my mom what me to get into a sorority

    my 1st year of College

    how would i go about getting into one my 1st year there

    or can you even get in to one being a freshman

    PS i want to get into Sigma Kappa in UNLV ... do they let freshman in there

    and how...

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    Unlv Greek Life

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    well i went through recruitment at UNLV, and it's not the same as recruitment say at UA or UNR (or nevada they call it there) the difference is that UNLV doesn't have sorority rows(houses) because it'd be considered a brothel which is illegal in vegas, yeahh you get the idea. so if you've been to UNLV before, and you've seen the student union, you'll go have your recruitment there up in the meeting rooms and ballroom upstairs.

    1. basically you go through orientation one night. there, you'll take your picture so the sororities can recognize you and you're put into groups and you'll meet your Rho Gammas(your group leaders that are from the different sororities on campus that have disaffiliated themselves from them because it's to give that feeling of not knowing what sorority they're in so they don't push their sorority)

    ---dress code is casual this day.

    2. recruitment at UNLV takes up an entire weekend during the fall. the first day,

    -friday, is the longest because you're meeting all sororities: AZD, ADPi, DZ, SK, AGD, and ZTA. you meet with the girls in different meeting rooms and you go at certain times with your group. there is your chance to feel out the girls and get to know them and vice versa. through the process of going to each party, you're narrowing your choices of who you want as your top 4 because you need to drop 2 sororities at the end of the night.

    ---dress code is still casual still

    -saturday is day 2 of the process and you go to the ballroom and your Rho Gams give you a small piece of paper that tells you which sororities invited you back, telling you which parties you go to. (the paper tells you when you go as well, so you can have a party at 3pm and not have one until maybe 6pm) the second day is where they teach you about their philanthropy and you do little crafts with them and you learn how much their fees are and again feel for if it's right for you. then when you're done w/ the parties, you knock out 2 more sororities. again, this is narrowing your choices once more.

    dress code is casual but a bit more dressy (like wearing a skirt or a sun dress)

    -sunday is day 3 and it's preference day. you go to the ballroom again and you get a piece of paper with how many sororities want you back. you go to your parties but this day is a bit more intimate. you're going through the preference ceremony and it really is beautiful! like i cried at the preference ceremony of the sorority i got into. it's sucha great experience. you get to see how their badge looks like and what their sorority really is. then after you're done with parties, you go into the office above the ballroom (3rd floor student union) and you sign a paper, saying you'll be fine with what you get tomorrow and that it's finalized!

    --dress code is dressy, so wear heels and a nice dress (but no trashy, i cannot tell you how many girls wore dresses as if they were going clubbing..horrible!!! this is a classy day!!)

    -monday is bid day!! the last day (: you get a envelope with your name on it and you are not to open it until said. there you sit in the ballroom with your Rho Gammas and you take pictures, say goodbyes and everything, then finally after maybe 2 or 3 hours they let you tear open that packet and inside there's a letter, showing you a bid to which sorority you got into!! you'll be excited and relieved it's over and you're in (: ....& if you didn't get into the one you wanted you can choose to drop & rush again next year or stay in (mostly you'll get the one you want, but if not, don't fret, these girls know what they're doing!) after all the Rho Gammas have their little celebration and music is blasting and they have their sorority shirts underneath their Rho Gam shirts and they show off which one they're in! (my Rho Gams tortured us by making us guess which one they were in!) after that you are grouped into the sororities you're in now, for example all SK new members in corner, and so on. after that you get little cute nametags and gifts with your name on it and TSHIRTS (: then you get together for a celebration with your sorority

    Source(s): went through recruitment at UNLV P.S. do not be closed-minded about rush! i know you want Sigma Kappa, but you don't know the girls from the other sororities yet, and you don't know if SK even wants you! remember, rush is a mutual process @ UNLV, with the computers help, you're picking which sorority you want along with the sororities picking which girls they want! && keep in mind that you might not be called back to come any saturday, sunday, or monday! girls can get dropped instantly! P.P.S: the ballroom is freezing so bring a blanket!!!
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