WHich language is there higher demand for in the job market.?

Which of these languages is the demand high for today?




PHP (Web)

ASP.net (Web)

Visual Basic

Visual Basic.Net


including other languages i have not listed

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  • 10 years ago
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    It depends on where you want to work.

    If you write safety-critical software for airplanes, you might have to know Ada. If you write business software for large mainframes, you might have to know COBOL. A great deal of desktop and server software is written in C or C++. Server-side scripting on Web sites is often written in ASP or PHP, and CGI programs for the Web are often in Perl or C. Java is popular for applications where portability is more important than anything else. Javascript is popular for client-side scripting on Web pages. Assembly language is still used for the lowest levels of operating systems and hardware abstraction layers, and for device drivers. If you work in scientific environments for mathematicians using supercomputers, FORTRAN might be a good choice.

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