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How many points is a touchdown worth in ultimate frisbee?

for the game of ultimate frisbee;

how many points is a touchdown worth?

also: what are defensive tact iss used to prevent in ultimate frisbee?

what is a common defensive strategy used in ultimate frisbee?

How many ways can a frisbee be thrown?

What are some offensive stratgies used in ultimate frisbee?

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    A "touchdown" as you call it, which is officially called a goal, is worth one point. Each ultimate frisbee game is played to 15 points, with halftime when the winning team gets 8 points.

    As for defensive strategy, most of the time teams play a man. However there are zones involving trapping the discs and forcing throws to the sides of the field. A frisbee can be thrown any number of ways, with the most common being the backhand, forehand, hammer and scooper. Offensive strategies can involve vertical stacks, horizontal stacks, or just a fluid game motion. In the college men's level the strategy is often referred to as "huck it and **** it", a strategy involving players rotating going deep.

    Hope this helps.

    Side note: the game is just called "Ultimate", as the word Frisbee is copyrighted by Wham-O.

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