What's TF2 Like For Newbies?

So I'm new to PC gaming and I was wondering what Team Fortress 2 is like for people new to the game and new to PC gaming? I don't wanna pay £15 for a game I won't be able to play (Got Portal for free before and don't fancy HL so no thanks Orange Box).



Ok, thanks, but I mean would I get raped non stop or would I have a chance?

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    It's a FPS.

    You have 9 different classes.

    The first one is called the Scout, he is really speedy and has a scatter gun, a pepper gun and a baseball bat (melee).

    Soldier has a RPG, Shotgun, and a Shovel (melee)

    Pyro has a flamethrower, a shotgun and an axe (melee)

    Demoman has a Grenade Launcher, Sticky-Bomb Launcher and a Beer bottle. (melee)

    The Heavy has a minigun, shotgun and his. Own. Bare. Hands. (melee)

    The Engineer has a Shotgun, a PDA (for building sentries and dispensers), a wrench and a little pad for destroying creations.

    The Medic has a medi gun (heals people) a Syringe Gun and a bonesaw. (melee)

    The Sniper has a... Sniper Rifle, a SMG and a shiv (melee)

    And finally... the Spy. He has a knife (melee), a revolver, a cigarette case (for disguises) a sapper (for the Engi) and a cloaking watch.

    It is an amazing game with lots of humour and the art style differs to most games.

    But what really makes TF2 different are items.

    Don't like the Shovel? Give him a Pickaxe.

    Tired of Heavy's Shotgun? Give him a Sandvich.

    For more info you should probably look up on YouTube.

    Source(s): TF2 Nerd.
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