TRD vs aftermarket Performance products?

Im wondering for a scion tc what is better between TRD Accessories vs aftermarket for both exhaust and cold air intake.

For exhaust there are nice brands like magnaflow (which i currently have on my corolla) skunk 2, greddy... etc

for cai there is k&n (current;y on my corolla) AEM, fuji, ....etc

so for both sound and preformance idk whether it would be better to go with TRD or the aftermarket brands.

Opinions please, Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    For Scion tC, aftermarket all the way. TRD only offers an axle back exhaust, aftermarket offers all kinds of options. Ptuning has an exhaust that is a good option. You can buy it all together as a "kit" or if you're limited on money you can purchase it by parts; such as buy the axle back part only, then the piping from the cat to the muffler, then the s pipe. So it helps for those on a budget.For TRD when you get the muffler, you would have to probably get custom piping from the cat to the muffler to fit. intake from TRD is just an over priced AEM intake, and the TRD muffer is an over priced Borla exhaust. GReddy has a good exhaust for the tC, then of course Ptuning and Dezod. So aftermarket all the way, cuz it's just easier, TRD doesn't offer pistons or rods for the tC, unless you get them custom made from them, it may cost more than to buy aftermarket CP Pistons.

    Source(s): Scion tC owner
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