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Is my betta fish happy?? - Video included?

Hi, I was wondering if this is a suitable home for my betta.

I've included a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwVsMXcpLw0

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that's my betta and my tank, his name's gilbert.

please let me know what i can do to make him happier.

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    dont worry, your fish looks very happy in the 3 gallon tank. some people put betta fish in super small 1/2 gallon tanks :o but gilbert looks happy (: maybe put a snail or something. but idk if they will fish with the snail. so dont take my word for it haha

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    I can't quite tell what size tank you have from the video. I am guessing a 3 gallon but it could be a 5.

    If its a 3 gallon upgrade to a 5, if its a 5 gallon you are fine.

    What i would do is add some plants to your tank, right now its a little sparse and bettas are madly in love with live plants. Anubis are great for betta tank, they are low maintenance, low light and the bettas like them because they have big leaves.

    Edit: I don't know where aquarium hobbist 14 got their info but 6 neon tetras should never ever go in a 5 gallon. They are highly active fish and need at least a 15 gallon to be happy, in addition that tank would be frighteningly over stocked and tetras can be very nippy to fins if they aren't kept in the right conditions. She is right about the java moss and java fern though.

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    *facepalm* People the minimum tank size for a Betta is not 5 gallons. It does NOT have to be filtered if you do 100% water changes. The minimum tank size is 2.5 gallons, not 5 lol. I have a Betta in a heated, unfiltered 2.5 gallon kritter keeper, and he has no health issues and is very active and shows lots of personality. (Then again I do 100% water changes twice weekly)

    That tank is great. That Betta is lucky he gets a home with someone who cares instead of those dumb-bells who put Bettas in half gallon tanks. He's beautiful, but he has a slight tail biting issue. That will probably eventually go down once he gets adjusted a bit more (Notice the chunk missing in his tail) It's nothing to worry about and common in Bettas, but it is a pain.

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    an extremely extraordinarily Betta! A heater might do him some good, yet he seems extraordinarily happy to me. Is he in a room with a lot of activity? Bettas choose for to have human "companionship" so do no longer go away him all on my own. fantastic looking tank he's in, too. overlook relating to the advice to grant him a mirror, which will in simple terms get him wound up and in a place to combat (very stressful to the fish)!

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    Why do you have your betta in a filtered water system? Bettas don't need moving water like other kinds of fish. Your betta looks happy. You may want to find some small school fish to entertain him though.

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    The tank looks abit plain, maybe get some more plants or a background for your tank. You could also get some more fish if you wish. 4-5 guppies or platies would go well or maybe a few snails.

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    He looks healthy, but kinda lonely almost. If you ever decide to upgrade to a 5 gallon maybe get 6 neon tetras to go with him. They will thrive among eachother and the neons will add more color to your tank :). Also low tech plants such as Java Fern and Java Moss will grow big and quickly. Both the plants and Moss are cheap and easy to maintain.

    Source(s): Been keeping fish for 9 years (three 10 gallon betta tanks, one 30 gallon goldfish tank, one 55 gallon community tank) Happy Fishkeeping!
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    looks good, though i dont see a heater


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    it good .......... nothing to worry abt....just feed him good food

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