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問題1: rise back點解?

問題2: They got what they wanted點解?

問題3: having請問點用(例如: having booked flights是什麼意思和為何這樣用)

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    having booked flights即"已預訂航班"/訂左機票/機位


    Verbhavingpresent participle;hadpast tense;has3rd person singular present;hadpast participlePossess, own, or holdI don't have that much money on mePossess or be provided with (a quality, characteristic, or feature)the house has gas heatProvide or indulge oneself with (something)he had himself two highballsBe made up of; comprisein 1989 the party had 10,000 membersUsed to indicate a particular relationshipdo you have a client named Pedersen?Be able to make use of (something available or at one's disposal)how much time have I got for the presentation?Have gained (a qualification)he's got a BA in EnglishPossess as an intellectual attainment; know (a language or subject)he knew Latin and Greek; I had only a little FrenchExperience; undergoI was having difficulty in keeping awakeSuffer from (an illness, ailment, or disability)I've got a headacheLet (a feeling or thought) come into one's mind; hold in the mindhe had the strong impression that someone was watching himExperience or suffer the specified action happening or being done to (something)she had her bag stolenCause (someone or something) to be in a particular state or conditionI had the TV on with the sound turned downHave put (someone) at a disadvantage in an argument (said either to acknowledge that one has no answer to a point or to show that one knows one's opponent has no answer)you've got me there; I've never given the matter much thoughtCause (something) to be done for one by someone elseit is advisable to have your carpet laid by a professional

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    • Tell or arrange for something to be done

    • always having the builders in to do something

    • Cheat or deceive (someone)

    • I realized I'd been had

    • Engage in sexual intercourse with (someone)

    • Be obliged or find it necessary to do the specified thing

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    rise back=回升

    They got what they wanted=他們得到了他們想要的


    having booked flights=已預訂航班

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