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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 9 years ago

What do you think of the following names for a fantasy story? Any suggestions?


Krynn (Krin) - Land of the Elves

Atalanta - Land of the Faeries

Domeai (Do-may-a) - underground kingdom; Land of the Dwarves

Elverina - the world where Krynn, Domeai, and Atalanta co-exist.


Elvira - Princess and Shield-Maiden of Krynn

Eleyrina - Mother of Elvira, Queen of the Elves

Areanel - Daughter of Queen Eleyrina, sister of Elvira, Princess Regent

Alphiriel - Elvira's lady-in-waiting, half-Elven

Alethea - Elverinian Goddess of the Sky, Patron of Faeries, Protector of Atalanta

Alethea - also the name of the current ruling Queen of Atalanta

Now I only need names for the elven and fairy princes and the servants at the castles, the antagonist (a dark half-elven fairy), the protagonist (a fairy prince who falls in love with the elven princess), soldiers, captains, and generals.

Oh! And for the soldiers, captains, generals, servants, and royal family of the Dwarves.

Any suggestions?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Names are good for your type of story.

    For other names, search the names of Shakespearean and Romantic fairies, such as Oberon (male), Titania, Heradan, Avira, Aguata, Mende.

    Make male/female comparisons: Elvira/Elvir, Eleyrina/Eleyrin, Areanel/Areanela (I guess maybe you should tack an -a to the end of Elvira's sister's name), Alphiriel(a), Alathea/Alathean/Alathoe

    A good name for a bad guy: Velian, Vihar, Milovin, Lodian

    Good guy: I dunno

    Seems like your Elven names could come out of the Lord of the Rings, so you could look there. For the Atalantans you could maybe use Rohannian names.

    The dwarves are in Domeai, so you could use slightly greek-sounding names like Oberon and Titania.

    Good luck.

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  • 9 years ago

    They sound good for a fantasy setting, though to be honest I prefer more realistic ones myself. But to each their own.

    Here are some sources I use quite often.

    Excellent site, tells all about the history of names and their meanings, even fictional, mythological, biblical, and historical names.

    An great name generator, read the help links and toy around with it. This is really helpful when you have part of a name but need a little more for that perfect sound!

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