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Episode from Exposure on Sci Fi Channel?

I am looking for a short film that aired on the old show, Exposure, on the Sci Fi Channel. It was a black and white film and it starred a man and a woman on a picnic in the country. They find a hole in the ground and believe someone is trapped down there. They pass things back and forth by a rope, I think. They pass food and notes. In one note that is sent up, it states that there is a lot of money in the hole. The male character goes down into it. A note is sent back up for the female and it says, "Thanks for the food".

Does this sound familiar to anyone?


Thanks Mark but I don't know if it was either one of those. I couldn't find any photographs or clips from either one. Thank you for trying!

Update 2:

It is NOT on That website is all about Battlestar Gallactica and Star Trek.

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    It sounds like the 'Amazing Stories' episode 'Thanksgiving' but I don't think that was black and white, the only other thing I've found that could be it is a short film called 'Ceux d'en bas' but I can't find any details about it.

    'Thansgiving' and 'Ceux d'en bas' are both based on a short story called 'Hey You Down There!' written by Harold Rolseth.

    Hope this helps. :)

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    I think it's on the Sci Fi channel because it's from the same creator of Ghost hunters and they show on Sci Fi. They may show reruns on the History channel though.

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