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Which Martin Scorsese portrait of a famous American icon was the better movie, Raging Bull or The Aviator?

Which Martin Scorsese portrait of a famous American icon was the better movie, Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull or Howard Hughes in The Aviator? I have to ask this because although Raging Bull is considered one of the greatest movies in American cinema history and Scorsese's most famous movie I recently watched The Aviator and, Wow, this was yet another masterpiece directed by Martin Scorsese. It does not get the recognition it deserves despite receiving five Academy Awards but it should get more discussion amongst movie fans. This was movie making by at its finest.

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    Both are exceptional films. Both have two of the best acting performances of all time. But Raging Bull is much better.

    The Aviator is arguably Dicaprio's best performance, and arguably Scorsese's best movie since Goodfellas. It was a flawless film. It's strange that a film that won 5 Oscars barely gets any discussion. Now that I think of it, I barely ever talk about it, weird...

    but Raging Bull is THE greatest movie of all time. De Niro gives the greatest performance of all time. The emotion, the brutality, the reality of it is incredible. Scorsese didn't hold anything back, didn't make it soft. the movie is so powerful, it's unbelievable. anyone that can't realize that must be crazy

    both films, The Aviator and Raging Bull, are 10/10s. they will both be watched and praised 50 years from now, and that really means something.

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    Raging Bull

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    Raging Bull

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    Well Raging Bull. But Lamotta isn't an icon in my opinion but more of a tragic figure. Regardless. Raging bull much better film.

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    I would say Aviator. Raging Bull, although amazing movie and one of my Scorsese favorites, lacks the exuberance of Aviator. That's not to say its bad.

    I also think Hughes' story worth telling.

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    I commonly choose movies with the help of ways plenty they circulate or influence me. nicely, I cried for the time of Schindler's record, so i think I ought to provide it the call. BQ: I say Scorsese. Spielberg, in my opinion, has made the widest form of flicks in terms of high quality. His movies variety from chic to sublimely idiotic. the comparable guy that made Schindler's record additionally made Kingdom of the Crystal cranium. Scorsese's action pictures are extra continuously good. BQ2: Liam Neeson is extraordinarily underrated. i visit grant it to DeNiro, nonetheless, through fact he has extra efficient variety. He can play a miles better variety of varieties of characters than i've got considered from Neeson.

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    I didn't like either one of them. Raging Bull is still better.

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