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Do you know someone who is committing benefit fraud?

I know someone who is committing fraud and it makes me feel sick the amount of money they are getting, but i care about them enough to not report them but i hate that they are getting away with it.

My husband earns a lot of money, and while we know we are fortunate - the amount of money we see go towards taxes when we can't even find a local Nhs dentist is pretty sickening.

This person i know is claiming £800 per month and is also getting an extra £3000 per year for the next three years that she is studying.

Her partner who she lives with and who she has the child of, earns similar money to my husband!

Something isn't right and apparently she told them that she doesn't live with the father of the child and therefore i assume that his salary wasn't taken into consideration and maybe they give her money towards rent that she isn't paying too... i dunno the details.

I know she is doing wrong and if the authorities would just correct how much she gets and therefore stop losing money and write off what they already lost, i probably would report her, but i'm not going to get her a criminal record and debt when she is trying to make a better life for herself.

I blame her partner. He is a snake and makes her beg for every penny even for their child...

I just wish it was a case of the government cutting losses rather than setting examples and then maybe it would end quicker.

I just wondered if anyone was in a similar situation where someone they care about is committing benefit fraud?

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  • 10 years ago
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    You say you know she is committing fraud, but then later on you say you don't know the details.

    First off, even people who work full time can actually claim help with rent. Maybe you assume you and your husband don't qualify? Perhaps you need to stop whining about what she is getting and actually get a benefit check yourself. Not trying to be rude, but I see and hear a lot of this and actually the people doing the moaning are only doing so, because they are not getting state help and can be doing so!

    They may also be claiming working tax credits and child credit and this could amount to the £800 a month you say she gets. Plus child benefit don't forget.

    You say an extra £3,000 per year for studying? The state do NOT give benefits for tuition, so this may be a student loan for tuition and books and fees NOT for living costs. Single parents or disabled full time students may get help with their rent, but they still have to apply for a student LOAN. Sounds like this £3,000 per year is not state benefits.

    Second, how do you know this woman's partner is earning similar to your husband? Have you seen wage slips or just taking the word from this friend?

    Is it possible she is bragging because she is *keeping up with the Jone's*?

    I have seen it before. Perhaps she feels like scum compared to you and maybe this is why is is upping her income and *show* and *tell* façade.

    I am not saying your lying, but unless you have TRUE FACT, then you can never really be sure.

    Comes down to choice. You shop em or you don't!

    Don't report them because your fkced off because your both able to work and are peed off because your not getting your *share* out of the so called benefit pot.

    Report them because they are committing an offence, just like ANY other crime out there. IF you care, as you say you do, why not confront her instead? That way she has a chance to do the right thing.

    I think it would be a shame if you report them out of spite or because your assuming things. If you value your friendship and care as you say you do, then help her to do things right!

    If not, then report her!

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  • 10 years ago

    It happens more than you think, but if your not going to do anything about it why do u ask? It's not fair to anyone who is paying taxes including yourself for that to be happening.

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  • Julia
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    10 years ago

    you should report them, its unfair and its not right... it makes a mockery of the system and takes the piss out of genuine claims. she knows what she is doing is illegal and wrong

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    If I knew there was fraud, I wouldn't whine about it on yahoo-I'd report it.

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  • g-ma
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    10 years ago

    vengeance is mine sayith the lord.....

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