Can I register a boat in tx that is not titled and I don't have a bill of sale b/c I traded for it?

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    BUT, It is not a question of "Can I" register it, it is a question of "must I" register it, and the answer is YES YOU MUST!

    You must register your boat in Texas unless your boat is a (NON-MOTERIZED) canoe, kayak, punt, rowboat, dinghy, or rubber raft (regardless of length) and is paddled, poled, or oared and sailboats under 14 feet in length when windblown.

    In order to register your boat, you must have either a title from a previous owner & previous registration, OR a "Bill of Sale" and the Bill of Sale must contain:

    The date of sale;

    Sales price;

    Description of the vessel and/or outboard motor (make, TX or serial number and year built);

    Purchaser(s) name; and

    Seller(s) signature.

    So, whether your boat is a gift, a purchase, or a trade, you have to have a Bill of Sale, and you have to have it registered before you can legally use it.

    Link below has all the details:

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    All boats have Titles even if U traded for it U should of gotten a titles so contact who U got it from and get it.

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    Call Texas parks and wildlife and they can answer this question for you. Look on the internet for their toll free number. It is listed under www.texasparksand

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