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Does the satellite remain permenently in space after being launch?

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    The higher the orbit, the less atmospheric drag there is. Satellites in low orbit (under 500 km) need to get a little rocket boost now and then, or they will come down in a few months. The ones in geosynchronous orbit (always 35,786 km above the same spot on Earth's equator) could take decades or even centuries to deorbit if they don't get a boost.

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    No, but it can stay up for a very long time. The length of time it will stay up will depend on what other forces act on it to slow it down. If it slows too much it will fall back to earth. For objects in low earth orbit one thing that can slow a satellite down are the tenuous wisps of the earths atmosphere that exist even at high altitudes. For this reason things in low Earth orbit will not stay up as long as things in a high orbit unless thrusters are used to add back the velocity that air drag takes away over time. Thrusters are also used when it is time to de-orbit an object. Thrust applied opposite the direction of travel will slow the object down so it can return to Earth. This is how spacecraft like the Shuttle return to earth when their mission is over.

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    Potentially it could, maybe. In practice satellite orbits can degrade. Satellites in low orbits may be subject to friction from extremely low, but ultimately still significant, atmospheric pressure. Changes in vector from whatever small collisions might occur at whatever altitude can eventually destabilize an orbit enough to bring a satellite down. And even an apparently good orbit can prove unstable in the long term all by itself, without course correction.

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    Dear Nsima Mogan


    One of the indisputable laws of existence is:-

    (Nothing ever stays put)

    ie every thing must change irrespective of how fast

    Man made satellites normally have corrective abilities

    to maintain their positions in space; even then they

    have limited service life and would either drift to outer

    space or dive down to earth

    Hope this helps


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    In most cases, no. Most satellites are launched into low Earth orbit where they experience atmospheric drag, which gradually slows them down and causes them to deorbit.

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    The group that launched it have something that they can use to get it back to earth if needed. Some remain permanent while some don't. It depends on who launched it. By the way, nice name. I'm from your state too...Calabar i presume.

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    nope it falls to earth due to the gravitational force of the earth

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    yes as soon as they are sent out they do what they were sent there to do and then when they are useless they just leave them up there

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    It has its own life time.

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