I'm writing a book. Can you give me a plot, title, synopsis, and names for all the places and characters?

Oh, and give me all the words I need to write it, too. In order.

Am I being too harsh, or have some of the requests from 'writers' on here gone too far?


Writing decent fiction is hard. Anyone who's given it a try knows this. We all need and appreciate people we can bounce ideas off and ask for suggestions. But it seems to me some people professing to be 'writers' think the whole gruelling slog of writing a novel can be reduced to some giant Mad Libs game, merely filling in the blanks between material provided by others.

Writing is about more than just putting words on paper. Without calling on your own imagination and creativity, without setting the style and tone and fleshing out your own characters, what are you but someone merely taking dictation?

I know I shouldn't get annoyed as it has no material effect on me, but in truth my question was not so different from some of the real requests I see on here frequently. I can't believe there are people in the world - even young as they are - that seem to think they can do whatever they want without a shred of hard work or talent.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Wow. Some people took this seriously?

    Anyway, to your question.

    Plot - A vampire who's also a secret agent (and has super powers) falls for a character that resembles you in every way EXCEPT your name (that way, it's not you). Then the You-Character gets accepted to this Wizarding School where they find out that the power of love can save the world from the evil League of Evil Guys.

    Title - Deep and Meaningful Book

    Synopsis - See plot

    Location Names - Everywhere High

    Gibberishia Wizardry School

    Plaintown, USA

    Evil Corporation Labs and Co.

    Character Names - Girly Everyteen

    Fabio Sixpack

    Sylvester Q. Dastardly

    Voldedore Granger


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  • 9 years ago

    Hahaha! You're right, it's gone too far.

    But I'll play along.

    Plot: A man discovers his world is not real - a fabrication, engineered by some dark greater entity. Everyone thinks he is mad. He's an inventor, so he cobbles together some kick-@$$ vehicles and equipment and sets forth across the great wasteland in the dead of night, only to be tragically crushed by a giant foot. Big twist: the protagonist is actually a Lego.

    Title: Det Bedste er Ikke for Godt (Only the Best is Good Enough!)

    Characters: The man is Oleg. His friends are El and Geo. The god is Timmy. The foot owner, known only for his single line 'Ow! F*cking Legos!' is Bill (Timmy's dad).

    There. You could make millions off that. *snicker*

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I've got a feeling a lot of people didn't get your sarcasm here lol.

    But yes, I think help with character names and titles can be helpful sometimes because those are the things that stand out to the reader, so why not ask the reader? it's easy as a writer to get stuck in a hole, using the same type of names all the time. But yes, writers are getting younger, less experiences and toodependentt on this section. so I agree with you :)

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  • LOL! I love how many people have completely disregarded the last sentence and have taken this seriously.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. Too many times I've seen people wanting to write a book for the sake of writing, despite not having any passion or evident talent in the field. I usually just give them sarcastic answers :3

    Serves them right!

    If a writer is genuine, they won't have any trouble coming up with their own story. I'm just sayin'.

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  • 9 years ago

    I know exactly what you mean (clearly some of the answerers here haven't paid much attention to the entire question). I'm all for asking for a little inspiration, just to get you started. Names are OK, too. And titles - they require very little creativity, but ENTIRE plot? That's just going too far. You're not a writer if every element of your story comes from someone else.

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  • 9 years ago

    Fantastic question. Well done and shame on you people who answered without reading the full information.

    It leads on to the question as why are they writing: to fulfill a creative urge or to make millions. In this wiki X-factor -generation, everyone is looking for the short cut. You should know that it takes years to be an overnight success.



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  • My jaw actually dropped when I read this.

    Then I read the details and actually laughed my a*s off. NO JOKE, everyone does that hey!!! Creativity is at an all-time low nowadays, huh? I couldn't even imagine asking for that kind of stuff. Hell, I asked for naming advice once and I deleted the question without reading the answer, I was so ashamed of it.

    Those kinds of questions are disgusting, hey. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has noticed.

    EDIT: GUYS, she's trolling. But trolling in a clever way ^.^ Stop taking it seriously. This is a joke.

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  • 9 years ago

    Sure, just Paypal me $25,000 - half up-front, half on delivery of the completed manuscript.

    If you can't afford my rather exclusive services, consult your nearest phone book (for character names) and your nearest dictionary (for all the other words). Pick out as many words as you need (you might need to use some of them more than once) and put them into the order that seems most pleasing to you.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    (Grins) I was just going to ask if you wanted me to write the story too...

    No, you're not being too harsh. Anyone who can't figure out what to call their characters for themself is most unlikely to write anything worth reading.

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  • 9 years ago

    hahahahaha, at first I thought you were being serious, and I was about to write you a really nasty answer.

    but yes, I completely completely agree with you.

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