If you were the governor of California, what spending would you cut first?

Assuming taxes stay at their current level, what do you think should be cut first to try to help erase the state's deficit?

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  • Nate
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    10 years ago
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    Spending on products and necessity of products for usage in public works.

    I know as a employee of New York State for a while we spent ridiculous amounts of money on things for no apparent reason quite often.

  • That's been kind of the problem, actually.

    When Arnold Schwarzenegger first arrived, he was a far right Republican who believed in tax cuts. He pushed for, and got, tax cuts across the board. And when the government did not have enough money, he cut spending.

    First they cut things like sanitation. But businesses don't like to operate in areas where the area looks trashy, and so some businesses left. That meant less in tax revenue, and so California had to cut spending again, this time from security enforcement like police and firefighters. That made it more dangerous to conduct business in California, and more businesses left. That meant less in tax revenue, and California cut spending again, this time in education.

    Soon, the place was a trashy, crime-ridden mess, and not even cheap labor was enough to keep businesses around because that cheap labor had absolutely no skills. It wasn't even like illegal immigrant cheap labor, which at least has some skills even if it is not in all areas. California children were literally without skills necessary for ANY business.

    Businesses kept leaving. Tax hikes, at least temporary ones, are the answer for California right now. California needs to clean itself back up to what it was like when Democrats were in charge and it was the richest state in the nation. Once it is cleaned up and the kids are educated again, TARGETED tax cuts (not across the board) can be instituted to keep businesses around.

  • 10 years ago

    The billions of dollars in services to illegal immigrants.

  • Erik
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    10 years ago

    I would look at state employer pension plans.

    I know a fire captain and his wife who is like second at another fire station....they are going to get $360k/yr in retirement. Pretty crazy.

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