tinnitus, dizziness, insomnia, trembling, and a pounding sensation in my head whenever there is a sharp sound?

I'm 16 and have had moderate tinnitus for over 7 months now. The night before it started I had been listening to music a little louder than usual, but when I got a hearing test done to see if the ringing was from hearing loss, I testing completely fine...no hearing loss at all. Soon after the ringing started, I became sensitive to sharp or loud noises (like silverware clattering, loud talking, or even the crinkling of a plastic bag) I "hear" (more like feel) a pounding sensation in my head every time I hear something like that, and the more the sound continues, the louder the pounding gets. About a month later, my hands and head started trembling continuously and I get dizzy when I stand up. I've noticed a lot of hair falling out for months (not in clumps or anything...but still a lot) I've also not been able to sleep well for months. Whenever I wake up, I feel like I haven't rested at all. I am wondering if this might be due to a vitamin deficiency. I home school and haven't really been outside in months on end. I've had a D deficiency for a while now and I know it can cause a bunch of funky symptoms. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm deficient in a lot of things. I haven't really had a balanced diet since last spring and I'm rather thin. Is it a deficiency? Or what?...Could this all even just be anxiety?

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    There is no "cure" for tinnitus. The reason is that tinnitus is caused by hearing loss and the hearing loss that causes it is generally permanent (either from aging, noise, etc.). The brain can learn to ignore the tinnitus though, but that takes some work on your part to reduce your stress (like meditation) and sound therapy to help the brain not hear the ringing. Currently the best treatment for tinnitus is sound based therapies. The only web-based one, that is research based and personalized, is at beyondtinnitus.com.

    This company's system is based on research of two ear nose and throat doctors done at the University of California Irvine.

    Basically, they figure out your tinnitus pitch and loudness, etc. and give you a sound file that you can download for therapy that is specific to your tinnitus. The therapy sound can be mixed with your own music using their system and you can listen to your own music while the sound therapy file is working in the background.

    The alternative is therapy in the clinic with tinnitus retraining therapy or Neuromonics, but those will cost you ~$5000.

    Herbal remedies have not been shown to be effective in good clinical studies. Sound therapies have are effective 80-90% of time, whereas herbal remedies have only been found to be as effective as sugar pills. Ginkgo has been studied in large clinical trials and it wasn't found to be effective at all. My dad had bothersome tinnitus and he took Ginkgo and it didn't help. He tried the sound therapy and he can't hear the ringing. If he really thinks about it and listens for it, he hears it, but otherwise it's not noticeable and doesn't keep him up at night.




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    Source(s): BREAKTHROUGH in Tinnitus Research http://Trusted.Tinnitus.review/oHZlgy
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    Its unlikely an aneurysm. Because if it has been a month you would be dead with an aneurysm. However, you describe an inflammatory process going on in your inner ear which is consistent with the diziness and clumsiness. However noise sensitivity sounds more like a nerve problem. This cannot be diagnosed over the internet. You should see neurologist as a regular family practitioner may not be able to do much for you either. If it where just the pain and diziness, a regular doc would give you anti-biotics as that is commonly a sign of a inner ear infection. But you also describe auditory hypersensitivity. Its possible you have an infection that produces ototoxic effects but that is relatively unlikely. The other possibility is it is ototoxicity due to a drug related problem. Without a list of your medications I cannot make any suggestions.

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    Hi kai,

    Tinnitus is no fun. My sister was in a similar situation to you and suffered from tinnitus. Nothing worked until she tried Tinnitus Magic. That seemed to help her.

    Well good luck.

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    Although there is sadly no cure for Tinnitus there ARE some things that can be done to alleviate this problem and your doctor should be fully conversant with these - unlike the SPAM MERCHANT DONELLE DENNIE whose answer, posted yesterday AND STILL ON DISPLAY is worse than useless.

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