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Why did South Africa have lower crime rates under Apartheid?

I've heard the crime rates in South Africa were much lower under the Apartheid government. I don't understand that. I would think that people would break the law more often while oppressed rather than while free...


@Thunee Man Naidoo - I wasn't being racist at all; I was simply asking a question because I didn't understand something. None of the other answers have been racist at all...

@Everybody else - Thanks for your answers!

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    People feared the law, because police were very strict and didn't accept bribes so easily. Today, corrupt police officers are everywhere and they are from ALL races. I know about white, black, colored and Asian police officers who are corrupt.

    Another thing is that offenders didn't have the rights they have today and the death penalty was still in effect. Previously convicts were seriously punished, but now they get 'educated' about right and wrong before they get released.

    Many (if not most) convicts are supposedly homeless and do crime, get caught caught on purpose just to go to jail for free food and accommodation. This is a fact that a ex-correctional facility officer told me about.

    Just and example of our system;

    A guy was charged for attempted murder and was released on bail.

    Another guy neglected to pay his TV license and got locked up for 5 years.

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    Source(s): Criminal Records Search Database :
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    Crime Rates In Africa

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    Under apartheid there were strict group areas controls, the result of this was that there werent many refugees. Refugees are responsible for much of the crime in South Africa as they cannot find work and the locals are xenophobic about them.

    The police had stronger rights of arrest and detention and the death penalty was in place for perpetrators of murders or rape etc, this acted as a deterrent.

    The police were better motivated than they are today as they had the full support of the state. It was in fact quite close to a police state under apartheid.

    The self discipline of democracy has nowadays not made itself felt in South Africa yet and the freedoms under democracy are abused by a large section of the community. There is more violent crime and there is more white collar crime.

    Source(s): personal knowledge
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    During apartheid most black people were relatively well compensated. While the group areas act was unfair people still lived relatively good lives and were willing to work and live in SA semi unhappily. However over time the economy weakened as gold was no longer used as reserve for most major currencies. Civil War in Mozambique drove salaries down and there was a over abundance of cheep labour. As a result people were no longer earning a decent living and were not happy to work. They changed from semi content workers to people that were forced to work. This was one of the reasons apartheid was doomed to end as the masses were no longer content.

    As the masses future became more bleak crime has escalated. At the moment we have a huge immigration problem that once again is driving down labour prices and there is limited future for its citizens. Government policies discourage employment and discourage many skilled people from creating jobs locally.

    When people have limited futures they sometimes turn to crime.

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    Yes I agree with the above

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