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how many calories did i eat today?

- bowl of raisin bran cereal ( without milk)

- three oranges

- tinny piece of chesse

- 12 fl oz (355 ml) of strawberry gatorade

- two cups of water

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    rasin bran: 190

    oranges: 135 in all

    cheese: around 70 calories

    gatorade: 310 (but this doesn't count since it's not healthy calories) So this counts as zero.

    You had 395 calories today. You need around 1200 calories of healthy food. You never count the calories in sugar drinks since those are empty calories that have no nutrition.

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    Without knowing the exact quantities, its almost impossible to say but I can give you a guess of around 700 calories. This is not nearly enough to keep your body and organs going. A human is given a recommended daily amount of calories as a guide because that is how many your body needs to work at its optimum.

    Please get help if you think this is enough food for a day, iv been where you are and I ended up in hospital.

    Source(s): Recovering from anorexia
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    water has 0 calories

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    i would guess about 500-700 calories, so we'll go with 600. but if that's all you ate today, that's not enough nutrition.

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  • 10 years ago

    too many.

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