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Do you know of any other band that's been as hated by (segments of) their own fans as Metallica?

The closest thing I could come up with was Bob Dylan when he went electric (he's probably got them beat actually), but Bob Dylan isn't a band :)

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    Probably not as hated as Metallica were, but when Max and Igor Cavalera left Sepultura (for personal reasons), we all understood why they left. But when they got a replacement vocalist in Derrick Green, people immediately started saying stuff like how Max Cavalera is way better than Green and how Sepultura is not even "thrash" anymore.

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    I'd probably say Bob Dylan aswell but not just for the electric stuff, I know people who claim to be Dylan fans and they reckon he hasn't made a good album since 'Blonde On Blonde', wtf!?!?!?!

    Bowie fans are an odd breed too. I was at a David Bowie concert in the mid 90's when about a quarter of the audience walked out because he was doing his new techno stuff intead of playing 'Life On Mars' for the 2000th time.

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    Trent Reznor's not a band, but he masquerades as one. A lot of people only like his work up to The Fragile and think he sucks after that. Some have accused him of desperately trying to stay relevant. Additional hate after he got married, some directed at him, some towards his wife.

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    Michael Jackson if you call him a band. Can't see why anybody bought one of his albums in the last 10 or 12 years of his life. Not counting the records sold because of his death.

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    Children of Bodom when they "sold out" on Hate Crew Deathroll

    They changed their style EVER-SO-SLIGHTLY and then they get labelled as sellouts? Nuh-uh. HCDR is my favourite CoB album.

  • Megadeth, Ever since Dave converted to christianity

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