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What other ingredients can I add to my grilled cheese sandwich to make it better?

It's like...not even a real grilled cheese haha. All I have is provolone.

I know I can put ham in it but I'm not really in the mood for that. Any suggestions?

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    Love grilled cheese sandwiches, and many different ways.

    * Diner Style: Use Mayo (not Miracle Whip - sugar will burn) instead of butter on the outside.

    * Provolone or Jack cheese w/ canned green chilies.

    * Provolone, Mozzarella or Jack cheese w/ sauteed mushrooms and/or onions.

    * Provolone, Mozzarella or Jack cheese w/ hard salami and/or pepperoni.

    * Add ham w/ your favorite cheese.

    * Ham & fried egg w/ your favorite cheese.

    * Pepper Jack Cheese w/ avocado slices (add avocado after grilling)

    * Fontina w/ alfalfa spouts or arugula (add veggies after grilling)

    * Gouda & smoked peppered salmon

    So many other combinations you could try ... just a few that I did and really liked. Hope this helps. :)

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    Hey, Provolone is a cheese! C'mon now!

    Provolone is great in Italian themed dishes, so, I would recommend any of the following, depending on what you have on hand:

    Sliced tomato


    some basil (dried or fresh)

    a spicy pickled item, like pepperocini or jalapeno slices or banana pepper slices...

    a tablespoon of a spaghetti sauce (spread over the bread(

    I could go on and on, but I hope this helps!

    Source(s): 23 years restaurant experience
  • Jelly



    Sliced Pear

    Sliced Apple

    Sliced Tomato

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    i'm not prepared on cheese. i like to sidestep dairy products through fact i don't basically like the flavor, yet as quickly as I did make the grilled cheese sandwich I added skinny slices of tomatoes in it. you need to place butter with Italian seasoning into it and grill it that way. Or, i attempted this one and that is totally yummy, while you're somebody who likes a splash spice you need to upload some jalepenos or pepper flakes into the sandwich and grill it. or you need to mixture distinctive cheeses with all of it so it is not only one style of cheese.

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    Thinly sliced tomatoes. Be sure to salt and pepper them. You could mix up some tuna and make a grilled tuna with provolone.

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    How is not not a reall grilled cheese? You have cheese that is being metled between to sliced of grilled bread correct?

    A grilled cheese can be made with ANY kind of cheese.

    As fasr as extras:


    Grilled Onions



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    Lots of black pepper, thick juicy slices of apple smoked bacon, and big slices of grilled beefsteak tomatoes. A little spicy French mustard might also do the trick.

    Try to change up the cheese....a rich fontina or edam is super!!!

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    My kids favorite grilled cheese was: Cheese, sliced dill pickles and mustard. I often would put deli ham or turkey on it also.

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    I have used Bologna, Salami, Sliced Turkey. Sometimes I add a little bit of mustard for a kick.

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    Dijon mustard and a sprinkle of freshly grated black pepper will kick up the cheese flavor greatly. A tiny sprinkle of granulated garlic, too, if you like garlic.

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