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A good thesis statement for How did the New Scientists challenge the authority of the Bible and the Church?

How did the New Scientists challenge the authority of the Bible and the Church?

Thinkers: Copernicus, Kepler, Brahe, Galileo, Newton. Choose at least three scientists and research their interactions with the Catholic church.


An essay on this or something that can help me.

The scientists are from the Scientific Revolution so anything can help me, a thesis statement or an essay or a reliable website that can help me on my research topic.

Anything but a good thesis statement that's arguable and something good.


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  • 9 years ago
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    They didn't.

    Neither the Scientific Community nor the Church had a problem with the heliocentric theory of Copernicus or Galileo that said that the sun was the center of the universe. It was when Galileo said it was fact without enough repeatable scientific evidence that he got into trouble.

    By the way, the heliocentric theory that claimed the sun was the center of the universe instead of the Earth, was also incorrect. The sun is the center of the solar system but not the universe.

    In 1741, Pope Benedict XIV granted an imprimatur (an official approval) to the first edition of the Complete Works of Galileo.

    “[Galileo] declared explicitly that the two truths, of faith and of science, can never contradict each other, 'Sacred Scripture and the natural world proceeding equally from the divine Word, the first as dictated by the Holy Spirit, the second as a very faithful executor of the commands of God', as he wrote in his letter to Father Benedetto Castelli on 21 December 1613. The Second Vatican Council says the same thing, even adopting similar language in its teaching: 'Methodical research, in all realms of knowledge, if it respects... moral norms, will never be genuinely opposed to faith: the reality of the world and of faith have their origin in the same God' (Gaudium et Spes, 36). Galileo sensed in his scientific research the presence of the Creator who, stirring in the depths of his spirit, stimulated him, anticipating and assisting his intuitions”: John Paul II, Address to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (10 November 1979): Insegnamenti, II, 2 (1979), 1111-1112. From the Vatican website:

    For more information, see:

    With love in Christ

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  • 4 years ago

    certainly no longer! The Bible isn't and replaced into by no ability meant to be our very final authority for Christians. the superb authority is what the Bible itself states because of the fact the "pillar and commencing place of actuality," (a million Timothy 3:15) that's the Church. The fundamentalist Protestants continuously make the substitute declare that the Bible is their very final authority, however the ironic subject is this: whilst confronted with this question they bypass working scared and could back-pedal and make nameless excuses, exchange the project and carry out in spite of shielding manuvuers they might wreck out with to stay away from this one question - -"call the only verse interior the Bible that states that Scripture is our very final authority?" they might"T because of the fact it is not there. There are verses that state that scripture is physically powerful and clever, yet no longer our authority. So, if the Bible states that the Church is our very final authority, then which of the 36,000+ denominations accessible can we undergo. the respond is the only Church that has lasted for 2,000 years and replaced into geared up on Peter's management, with Chirst because of the fact the cornerstone, and that's the Holy Catholic Church. the superb canon of Scripture, the Bible all of us comprehend right this moment, wasn't even prepare till the 4th century (with the aid of the AUTHORITY of the Catholic Church, with the aid of ways). So, if the Bible is our one sole authority for Christians, then what authority did the Christians of the 1st few centuries undergo? The Bible is an exceedingly clever gadget for Christians and a significant element of our existence, and confident it relatively is the inerrant and infallible observe of God, in spite of the undeniable fact that it relatively is yet one leg of a tri-pod. the different 2 legs are custom and the Magesterium, or management, of the Church. because of the fact there at the instant are not those completely needed issues in Protestantism, because of the fact of this it has failed and why there are an increasing variety of denominations international -- led to with the aid of loss of management extra suitable to doctrinal and theological disputes, extra suitable to church splitting and all-out chaos. merely examine the Epistles (devoid of your "Protestant glasses" on, and you will see this undemanding as day).

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