Is FOX NEWS a perfect storm?

Think about it - They have a British CEO and British political media coverage is way more tabloid but also more hardball. Their politicians tear each other to shreds on camera often to each other's faces. It really is a different game over there. It lacks the artificial gravitas we often observe.

Also British publications are quite open and up front about what political party they endorse.

Also, FOX News is a younger company than CBS, NBS, ABC, CNN. It's a company that never operated a day under the fairness doctrine. Unlike the companies above who built a massive infrastructure under that framework.

Reagan administration revoked the doctrine in 1985 - Rupert Murdoch and Marvin Davis launched the Fox News Channel a year later.

And then fuse that ownership with the American conservative movement. From the early writings of Bill Buckley to the JBS or Christian Coalition to Pat Robertson. One side certain of doomsday Armageddon and the other Communist infiltration. Built upon a power structure and American traditions of Big Oil, Big Jesus, and Big Military.

All coming together under the very large umbrella of a top 3 global media conglomerate.


Conservatives - I am not saying you are right or wrong. In fact, I know conservatives have many valid points, best ideas, and shared American values. I am just pointing out that FOX News is something special and stands apart from any other media corporation we have.


Gordon Brown vs David Cameron

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more same

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Correction: My apologies - he is an Aussie. One with a high ranking and deep relationships in British politics.

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    Far from perfect. A storm of conservative propaganda, yes. Murdoch has a long history in Australia for being a shill for a certain political persuasion. At least Bill Buckley was an intellectual - but judging from many of the posts in this section, the last intelligent Conservative died when he did.

    Fox is nothing more than a propaganda arm of the Republican Party. They do nothing more than feed "conservative" pablum to people who can't - or won't - think as critically of their own party as they do the Dems. The GOP can't possibly be wrong. To watch the snivelling Fox cheerleaders during Bush's campaign to invade Iraq was quite nauseating, and seeing Bill O'Really treatment of the grieving son of a 9/11 victim was just plain disgusting.

    That's too bad. I never watch Fox News anymore, I leave it up to Jon Stewart and Colbert to point out the latest complete absurdity of Beck's. Has Hannity been waterboarded yet?

    There's no integrity at that network.

  • rwb13
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    cnn started in 1980 so they didn't operate under the fairness doctrine for a long period of time so i feel it's a bit unfair to include them. having spent my childhood and young adult life during that period, i can tell you that you didn't know then which way the media in general or a journalist in particular leaned unlike today. i can understand why people feel fox is biased toward the right, it is because the others are so biased to the left. during the 08 campaign, they were the most balanced network as far as negative stories on both mccain and obama. that's not bias that's fairness. i watch all of them with an open mind and the difference is astounding. it is hard for me to understand that so many others can't see the major difference.

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    MSNBC is very liberal and Fox is very conservative. Fox is also more hard ball I think but my point is both networks cater to a market. "Fair & balanced" news has been a thing of the past since newspapers & networks got bought up by big corporate loot. I think that's the real problem here.

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  • Jade
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    1 decade ago

    I like FOX news.

  • LadyB
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    1 decade ago

    I think your description is not only fair, but balanced.

    More than we can say for Fox....

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What ever they aer, since I seldom tune in, just the fact they make liberals drool in rage and foam at the mouth, they are great to me.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Propaganda, plain and simple.

    Opinion is not news.

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