Cracked iPod touch screen? ?

I dropped my iPod touch and the screen cracked. It still works bt my warenty is up. I was just wondering if I should go it it fixed or get a new 4th generation... Mines a 2ond generation. Would it be beter to get it fixed or get the 4th generation?

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    9 years ago
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    I think that you should upgrade to the 4th generation. It is expensive to buy the screen, have it installed, and get someone good to do it. It would be well worth it to buy a new one

    1. It is newer

    2. It is better

    3. It is less of a hassle

    4. It is quicker

    5. It is worth it

    6. It can hold more memory

    7. It has a speaker

    8. It has a camera

    9. It had a second camera

    10. It has a microphone

    11. It has a battery life that is wayyyy longer

    12. It charges faster

    13. It has better software

    14. You can download better apps

    15. You can make folders

    16. You can get the app find my iPod touch which was created by apple and let's you find your iPod touch if it is lost around your house.

    Source(s): I cracked my screen too.
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Get the 4th generation!! I got it yesterday actually! The 64gb! I'm on it now! It is amazing! It was definitely worth it! I have the 3G also (it's my old one) and the difference in the screen retina display on the 4G is amazing I mean right now typing this all the letters are so clear and you can't see any pixels! The camera is amazing too! Camera on the front and back so it's kinda like a mirror! You can change the background behind your apps it's awesome! I LOVE IT!

    Get the 8gb or 32gb 4th Gen because it will probably cost just as much as your 2nd Gen would be to fix it!

    Or if you really can't afford the 4th Gen buy the 3rd Gen online!

    But I say go 4th Gen !

    Everything in this message is spelled right and done right because my iPod kept fixing it!

  • Get the 4th generation, fixing a cracked iPod screen is costy and this time get insurance on your 4th generation, so if any damage happens you are covered

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

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