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Why are most of the billboard signs in Laredo Texas a town of 300,00 people) in Spanish?

Also, What are the ramifications for the republican party in the state of Texas now that Hispanics make up over 40% of the states population?

What do you make of cities like McAllen, Brownsville, Harlingen, Laredo, El Paso, Corpus Christi, El Paso, and San Antonio, where most people in the aforementioned major cities do not speak English? Does this help the republican party?

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    Ahhh, I am the only person answering your question that lives in Laredo, Texas. I can both speak, read, and write English better than most of the population of the US. My daughter in law's Hispanic family has been in Texas since before America was a country. Most of the billboards in Laredo are in English, with a few in Spanish. The road signs are all English except for 2 on the way out of town giving directions to the tourist bureau. Most of the people here speak English and Spanish, with a portion speaking only Spanish and a tiny portion speaking only English. The schools are in English. You also added 100,000 people to our population! I am sorry for not answering your question, but perhaps you should do some research before you ask incorrect questions.

    Source(s): Laredo resident for 27 years.
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    I am the one character answering your query that lives in Laredo, Texas. I can each talk, learn, and write English bigger than the various populace of the US. My daughter in legislation's Hispanic loved ones has been in Texas due to the fact earlier than America was once a nation. Most of the billboards in Laredo are in English, with a couple of in Spanish. The avenue indicators are all English besides for two at the manner out of the city giving recommendations to the traveler bureau. MOST of the individuals right here talk English and Spanish, with a component speakme best Spanish, and a tiny component speakme best English. The faculties are in English. You additionally further one hundred,000 individuals to our populace! I am sorry for now not answering your query, however might be you will have to perform a little study earlier than you ask wrong questions.

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    Spanish language was there first before English, only second to the Native American idiom! Look at the towns names, also the republicans are just not understood by the Spanish _speakers , as they associate democrats with justice, freedom, good things, what the republicans need to do is educate , let their conservative standards , and their protection of family , including their religious beliefs and we wil see a heavy turn about in the Spanish speakers votes! Look up the history books, all that Southern territory was Mexican first.

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    The last time I went to Laredo Texas it look like an extension of Mexico. Border towns have always been spanish speaking areas this is somehow new to you? They mostly speak bilingual (not spanish exclusively) because many of their customers are from across the border. In most cases, across the border their are larger populations than on the US side

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    Why not?

    How do you know whether "most people in the [listed] cities do not speak English?"

    It won't have much of an effect on the GOP, because a great many of the people living in southern Texas who are of Hispanic origin do not vote. It is very obvious if you study the raw amount of voter turnout in the congressional elections.

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    The ramifications can be explained because the Hispanics hardly vote and can't read or write well. Besides, no matter who's elected, things won't really change for them. They'll still be stuck doing the jobs nobody else wants.

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    dude texas is a major red state

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    I guess you answered your own question.

    However, I will say that ... Nothing helps the Republican party - - - except intolerance - hatred - ignorance - paranoia - and FOX.

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    people live in texas

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