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What do you think Kin of Mexican teen shot by Border Patrol agent to sue over death?

Lawyers for the family of a Juárez teenager shot and killed by a U.S. Border Patrol agent in June have announced plans to file a lawsuit in federal court on Monday.

Sergio Adrían Hernández Güereca, 15, was shot and killed on June 7 by the agent, whose name has not be released by the agency.

Border Patrol officials said the agent fired after coming under attack by people throwing rocks near the Paso del Norte Bridge in Downtown El Paso.

Hernández died on the Mexican side of the river of a bullet wound to the head.

The agent was placed on regular duty a few days after the shooting. He has not been charged with wrongdoing, but the U.S. Justice Department launched a civil-rights investigation soon after the shooting.

"Even now, it feels like it was yesterday," the teen's father, Jesus Hernández, said Friday.

"There should be justice within the law," Jesus Hernández said. "We've done everything (authorities asked). We want my son's record cleared of all the lies. We want the American authorities to truly work and do their job."

The teen's family described him as a student who stayed out of trouble. But U.S. law enforcement officials said Adrían Hernández had a criminal record for guiding undocumented immigrants across the border.

The lawsuit against the U.S. government and other federal agencies, including the U.S. Border Patrol and the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, will be filed by attorneys Bob Hilliard of Corpus Christi


FORT QUITMAN, Texas -- At least one Mexican gunman fired a high-powered rifle across the border at four U.S. road workers Thursday in an isolated ghost town east of Fort Hancock, Hudspeth County sheriff's officials said.

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    This is a blatant attempt by the family of Illegals to abuse the US court system. The whole thing is fueled by the possibility of obtaining US dollars and lots of them.

    This family is taking advantage of the situation by turning a tragedy into profit from their teen's death.

    Carlos really-

    Czechs shooting illegal Americans? Do you really expect us to buy into that? The EU is wide open and Americans don't escape from America.

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    Evelyn j, so you are saying the agent should of either stood there and be stoned to death or he should turned and ran away. Mexicans were throwing rocks from their side of the border, attempting to injury the agent ,so that they can bring the load of illegals across the border, without the border patrol stopping them. Adrían Hernández had a criminal record for guiding undocumented immigrants across the border.And yet activists are quick to say that underage smugglers are harmless and have every right to throw rocks at agents. I might ask where is the Mexican border agents at ? These are well known trouble spots, but you never see or hear Mexico making any effort to take care of things on their side of the border.If Mexico would had their people on the job, they would of told the teens to move on and stop throwing rocks at Americans and none of this would of ever taken place. I never see the activists say anything when the drug cartels take the lives of women and children.I never see the activists say anything when under age human smugglers are acting as security guards at drop houses carrying around loaded weapons and holding their own people hostage.Calling over to Mexico demanding ransom money or else something very bad will happen. I would love to see these same activists show up at the border agreeing to patrol areas, then be attacked by rocks and see how they react.

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    confident they should, yet i'm uncertain desire to sue them because of the fact i do no longer understand if i ought to positioned a like fee in this adult men loss of existence.. it relatively is an exceedingly unhappy tale. i think of the Mexican government specially situations desires to help their friends or family members to get here..... heavily... you by no ability fairly comprehend... how is a motor vehicle going to get handed the border on the checkpoint?? Fly over them!

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    Big deal, who cares. Border patrol have a hard enough job. Maybe if they used their guns more we wouldn't be in this mess with illegals

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    the mexican lad was doing something against the law. He was suppossed to know what consequences his actions would bring.

    We live in such a stupid world. Now, a criminal can sue the person whom he was trying to commit crime to. Unbelievable!

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    What would happen if the Czech authorities started shooting illegal immigrants from the United States? There would be OUTRAGE!

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    It is horrible. A 15 yr old child is gone, a permanent hole in their family will always remain. Yes they should be compensated. Unless the child had a gun and was threatening law enforcement, there is no reason to kill a child.

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    i would sue too if it was my child!

    that officer had no right or reasonable cause to use lethal force, shooting into a crowd of people! this wasnt in the middle of the desert but in a populated busy area between el paso and juarez!

    the officer couldn't even id the boy as being in the group who was throwing rocks. he was not even injured!

    this incident was ridiculous and it makes me sick how some will attempt to justify his death because he broke some law. what law did he break first off??? he was on the MEXICAN side of the border!

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    Welcome to the United States of America. A country who believes it is okay to murder children. And the USA has the balls to call herself "the greatest country on earth"...what a laugh.


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